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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't be schemed by the museum fees here in LA. Once a month, they all have a free admissions day, which is when we go and coincidentially 400 elementary schools as well. So this last Tuesday we went to the La Brea Tar pits. We had both been there in our single digit years, and since one of us is now a quarter of a century old, we decided we should go back. I was super disappointed. Did you know that there were NO DINOSAURS TRAPPED IN THE TAR PITS?!? Just a mammoth... and some fossilized plants and shells. Oh, and I guess the latest thing is "project 23." Sounds pretty important, huh? The flyer doesn't tell you what project 23 is and when you get to this one pit that they were excavating, the tar pit lady says "they were digging here, but they left this one for more pressing matters" and so you get all excited thinking maybe it was a t-rex or something. So project 23 is fenced in with caging and tents are suspended with huge crates surrounding the perimeter. Come to find out, I guess they found 4 baby lion cubs or something. Still no dinosaurs.  Wa wa wa waaaa.
Still made for a good day though. Also, this is the second Friday in a row where we have been to Costco. June gloom has really set in around these parts and it is only natural to offset your gloom by filling yourself with samples, pizza and wandering every aisle of that warehouse. And I feel oh so bad about what I'm going to do to you right now, but have you ever had a Costco hand dipped ice cream bar? It's sinful! Hand dipped into the chocolate and rolled in almonds right before your eyes. Oh, it is heavenly! The only thing that makes it better is that it's $1.50! Oh Costco, Costco, where dreams do come true. Try it next time and you will be singing my praises for as long as you live. Or cursing me because of all the fat you've put on, but you won't be able to deny its sweet goodness.

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  1. The only thing that I like about the tar pits is imagining LA like that. I like the old pictures of the guy that used to own the land just hanging out by his house and all the tarpits. And isn't it wierd to think of all those wooly mammoths around instead of skyscrapers?
    But, yeah, the museum stinks. Literally.