Hola Weekend! Adios California!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Evelyn and I leave California this weekend to head back home to Virginia. We're going to take the next few days and enjoy all the hugs and kisses from family, sunny dates with the park, clean out mom's freezer of lemonade popsicles, and rumor has it that the Easter Bunny is paying an early visit before we leave. It's a busy weekend agenda, and while we are sad to say bye to family we are so excited to see DaDa on Sunday!

I have to take a moment and say there is nothing better than motherhood. Nothing. Evelyn is the light of my life, that dang spirited girl! Such a charmer. And this babe on the way is growing rounder by the second. 16 weeks today and this pregnancy is flyin by!

Happy Weekend!

I went and got my make-up did.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So. If you recall back in January, one of my 2012 resolutions was to learn how to do make-up. I have never worn more than almay mascara, wet 'n wild blush and maybelline pencil eyeliner. Oh, wait, in college my bff introduced benefit's benetint to me, which I love. But seriously, other than that I have never worn concealer, foundation, bronzer or whatever other cosmetic gizmos are out there. Part of it is because I don't want to be that girl in the photos that has such a powdered face that my face looks like a ghost in comparison to my body, part of it is because I don't want to spend the money, part of it is because i don't want to put the time into it each day, and part of it is because I think make-up looks bad on me {oh goodness, prom was always a disaster for me. Eyeshadow is not my friend but instead turns me into a clown. I HATE makeup}. But if it looks so good on everyone else, there's gotta be a way it can work for me, right?

Yesterday I stepped in to Sephora for the first time. I was like a lost little girl with no sense of direction, hoping that mom would come sweep me away from this awkward situation that was about to go down. But actually, it wasn't all that awkward. Nicole was so great and I instantly confessed to her that i had no idea what i was doing in this store. She prompted me with questions:

Her: Do you like powders or liquids?
Me: I don't know.
Her: Are you a light or dark shade?
Me: I don't know.
Her: Is there a brand you usually go with?
Me: NYC?

You get the idea. She had to start from scratch with me. We went through and found a primer, foundation, and concealer that worked for me. When she was all done I looked in the mirror and about died. Not because she did a poor job but because I was horrified about how pasty white I was! Uhh... summer tan needs to get here soon!

After getting my make-up did, it was then night and day for me. I trounced around the store trying on all kinds of golden shimmery eyeshadows and bold tangerine lipsticks. I seriously gained so much confidence with color in that store. Believe it or not, when I save my pennies I will be getting Smashbox's Fuschia Flash.
It is dang bold. And I love it.

Because I'm cheap, I didn't buy anything but instead went to Target today and got some of e.l.f 's lipgloss and lipstick. I don't recall the shade name but it is some sort of mild hot pink that I am in love with. I'm feeling more girly and powerful each second longer that I wear it. There's no going back....

*** note: this is my first photo ever that I have taken of myself where the camera is present in the photo. It's awkward. But it was more awkward to have someone else take just a photo of my face, so oh well, you're stuck with a pic of the camera hanging out there awkwardly in space.

a morning shoot

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thanks to Gwen, I now have some photos of me and my Evy Rae! Friday morning Ev and I met Gwen out in an open pasture to do a quick little shoot. Gwen shot these of us last year when Evelyn was 3 months old, which are my all time fav. I can't believe how much my babe has changed!

a 10 year love story

Friday, March 23, 2012

When I was unpacking my suitcase on Sunday, I came across two little handwritten notes from the Mister. They were both so endearing and of course made my eyeballs cry. When Evelyn and I face chatted with Jared yesterday, she got so excited and started furiously waving and took my phone and gave it a hug. Again, eyeballs burned with tears. If you've read this, then you know in a nutshell our story. But being back in our hometown has caused me to reflect back on our thriving relationship, how it all started and where we are now. Indulge me while I spill out my heart.

January 2001. My heart pounded in my chest when I saw that handsome boy with perfect lips and luscious brown hair walk in. You see, I almost missed him because I was busy being somber in the back of the classroom. My parents had just uprooted me midway through my freshman year of highschool without my consent and moved me in to a town I had no desire to be. I was busy thinking about how miserable my life was on my first day at my new school when heaven suddenly came to my aid. That boy made my teenage heart throb. And I knew instantly, just like Noah did with Alli in The Notebook, that "when I see something I want I gotta have it!" Later I would learn that he felt the same way. Well, kinda. Apparently he just noticed that I had nice legs.

Fate was on my side. I learned that he moved in just around the corner from me about 8 houses down. This was good because we would most likely walk home from school the same way. The strategies were brewing in my head. Jared and I not only went to the same school, but to the same church, where I would have the opportunity to see him every morning for a religion class, plus at youth activities in addition to Sunday meetings. Yes, this boy would totally be mine {This is sounding really creepy. I suppose I kinda was a bit obsessive}.

Anyway, as months went by we did "like" each other. I say "like" because although we crushed on each other, we didn't do anything about it besides maybe AIM each other {pre-cellphone era} and tell our friends we liked one another. It was a rule in both our families that we couldn't have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend until we were 16, and since we were 14-15 at this point, we just "hung out." So pointless in retrospect, but at the time just knowing that he publicly liked me was huge.

May 2002. Jared turned 16. He had a sweet 16 party at his house, but even though there were crowds of people there, I felt he gave me special attention as "his girl." It had started to rain and Jared said he would walk me home. As we rounded the corner to my house, we hugged and parted ways. 10 seconds later I heard the sound of feet running in the rain. I turned around and Jared came back to say "I think I love you," gave me a kiss and ran back home. Ummm....yes, that would be my real life and not a scene from a movie.
Oh goodness, I can't believe I'm just to this part of our relationship. For times sake and for your sanity in reading this, let's say we were on and off in our "liking" of each other for a year. Or rather, I was always 100% with him, he being the unsure party.

April 2003. We were at a church youth camp for 3 days. On the first day there was a talent show. In front of 100+ people, Jared did this. Again, on cloud 9. We went to Junior Prom. We broke up 2 weeks later. That was the end of our high school love story, and what I thought would be forever terminated. I was heartbroken. We both dated other people.

2004-2007. I went off to college for 3 years, while Jared stayed local for a year and then went on to serve a 2 year church mission in Mexico. While he was gone I wrote him 4 letters just within the first 6 months he was gone, but after that I never wrote again. I was busy with school and doing the stuff you do in college and he was busy being a missionary.

November 2007. Jared was coming home in 2 months. When I came home for Thanksgiving break, I saw his parents and they told me that Jared was coming home January 3, 2008. Something within me ignited. I was going to see him after 2 years in less than 2 months. When I came back from break, I left Jared's senior highschool picture on my best friend's bed with a note that said "I will make beautiful children with this man someday." She and I both laughed about it, but a part of me hoped it was true. When I came home for Christmas break I was heartbroken to find out that Jared would not be coming home until January 9th - the same day that I was leaving to study abroad in London for a semester. I wouldn't see him for another 5 months. Bummer.

January 9, 2008. I made it to London! I was so proud of myself for navigating all the way from Heathrow to my flat via the tube and bus transfers alone. I looked up at the tall brick building that I would call home for the next 4 months and I was ecstatic to be there! In the bustle and excitement of being in England was still settling in, another part of me was so anxious to call Jared. I was 8 hours ahead of California time. 9pm London time I called from a phonebooth to a number I hadn't dialed in over 2 years. My heart was pounding. A familiar voice picked up. I used up two phone cards that night and I slept with a smile on my face. For the next 4 months we skyped. Jared got a girlfriend like I predicted, but lucky for me it didn't last longer than 6 weeks.

May 2008. I was devastated to be home in states and leave my beloved London town. Atleast there was one good thing waiting for me at home. Jared and I dated for a brief 6 weeks before we were engaged. I had heard my whole life that when you know, you just know. I thought that was the lamest answer until it became true for me. Nothing felt more right, more true, more selfless, more joyful than marrying Jared Oakden.

Today. It's been 3 years and 3 months that we've been married. And two nights ago was our first time in our marriage not seeing each other in that whole time. Obviously being back in our hometown just brings the good times {and some not so good times} coming back to my mind. I told my parents the other night that I feel like a teenager sneaking away to talk to her boyfriend 50 times a day all over again. It's been fun to take Evelyn to some places and think "10 years ago we were just two kids who secretly held hands and now we have this beautiful little girl to call our own with #2 on the way. Life can't get any sweeter!" And I may be biased, but I do believe I make beautiful children with that man :)

livin on the WiLd side

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine and barking seals make for one fun afternoon. Yesterday we ventured to our local Chaffee Zoo in hopes of spurring Evelyn's love for wild things. The park was a deserted paradise as overgrown trees and vines canopied our walkways, wild birds chirped in our ears, baby monkeys hung so delicately from trees and we made our way from exhibit to exhibit. My main love for this small zoo is the fact that you can actually feed the giraffes, which at bigger zoos that's not an option. Once we got to the giraffes we found that they closed no less than 30 seconds before we arrived at the gate. I. WAS. SO. POUTY. SO POUTY. Not even Ev's pretty little face could convince them to bring the ranger guy out for once last feeding. I debated crying there in public for a bit, but tried to calm myself and say that Ev would have freaked out when that giraffe licked her hand anyway and I would have just ended up with a photo of her crying with a massive spotted neck. But that's the experience I wanted and now it was gone. Oh well, life goes on and we moved to the next best thing - the sting ray exhibit where Ev would surely be able to pet the sting rays. Nope, it closed to. The petting zoo? No. I guess we went too close to closing time, but 4pm is hardly a proper closing time in the spring. They definitely need to adjust their hours to make them more daylight savings appropriate.

But we did laugh at the seals who were very active, peered at the zebras and kangaroos. Evelyn's favorite for some reason were the flamingos. Maybe because they were pink and loud - just like her ;) The afternoon was still a success. If you can't tell, Ev has gotten a lot of positive attention lately from her aunt and uncle. And I feel like I have two nannies. It's a win win.

P. S. I love my imac and I am missing it while I am away, but I do like how PC's have a backspace button. Why, Apple, do you just have a delete?

it's a doggie dog world

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well, we made it to California alive! We're still adjusting a bit to the time change so yesterday we took it easy. Knowing that Evelyn is a dog fanatic, Grandma wanted to take Ev to the pet store and watch her go bazeerk! Lucky for us a puppy training class was going on and everyone was so willing to let Ev crash the party and chase the tails of little doggies and get their ears blow out with her shrieks of excitement. While I think some might find her passionate exuberance for furry creatures alarming, I find it hilarious. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

Speaking of things that I think are humorous, yesterday I shared my favorite things that make me giggle over here at Petite Biet. Thanks Belle for having me, and thanks to Tiffany for her kind words about Little Almanac today!

We're off to enjoy this beautiful California day. Toodaloo!

Along Abbey Road

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get ready to meet the most charismatic lady! Everything about Abbey is so charming. From her style, to her growing little family, you just want to smile from head to toe because her life is so beautiful. Not to mention her perfect hair that I would like to steal for myself ;) I'm sure you will be just as smitten with her.
Hello, hello Little Almanac friends! Pleased to meet you! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road, a personal life and style blog. So happy and honored to be here, because I think Kendra is absolutely awesome. I just have to ask, are you all as obsessed with following her Pinterest as I am? It's like she finds things from a magical little Pinterest stockpile that nobody knows about, and then brings immense joy to the pinning universe by sharing them. 
Okay, enough with the Pinterest gushing. How about I fill you in on a little bit of my life?
I am addicted to chocolate. Honestly. I eat it every day, and would probably go through withdrawals if I stopped. My favorite movie is The Holiday. I have literally watched it at least 82 times. Jude Law and Cameron Diaz should totally be real life lovers. Which reminds me, I should also inform you that I am a self-proclaimed pop culture whiz. People and Us Weekly are close companions of mine. I have been solely ordering the McChicken from McDonald's for the last 12 years of my life -- when I was 12, I got food poisoning from Mickey D's, which sent me to the hospital and I just can't summon the nerve to eat anything else on the menu anymore. Sad story, huh? If you can add, you would have arrived at the conclusion that I am 24 years old. If you can't, no judgment here. I am pitiful at math too. My husband, Matthew, is my partner in crime and my comic relief. We are that couple who tends to do strange things we think are hilarious, yet the general public stares at and sizes up for idiots. Good thing there's a match for everyone, right? So happy to have met up with mine! We've been hitched for almost 3 years and love snuggling on our 2 month old baby, Luke. Being a mom is definitely the best thing in the world. 
On Along Abbey Road, you will find the ridiculous, the sentimental, loads of pictures, projects, and my personal style and tastes. Let's be friends!

the hard part about being the camera hog is...

Friday, March 16, 2012

... I am never in any photos. I rule the camera at our house, if you can't tell. I always have my phone or slr within a hop's distance. I do this because I love capturing the actual moment, not trying to stage a moment that wasn't there or trying to re-enact it later when the glory has come and gone. So therefore, since I am the one with the huge emotional attachment to savoring each memory, I am kinda left out of the memory. This is fine by me for a couple reasons:

a. I am the worst camera poser. Every pose I do in the camera feels like that - a pose. I find it hard for me to act natural in front of the camera. But ya know, I think the reason for that has to do with the fact that I am always handling the camera and so if someone is taking my picture that means I have ASKED them to take my picture and therefore I can't all of the sudden go all natural and "hahaaha laugh" like that's the backstory of the photo when it's not. I asked to have my photo taken. So it has to be posed at that point. There's no alternative. This results in just a boring photo of me standing in front of bushes looking stagnate, in which I demand 50 more shots to be taken, all are awkward and I decide I should never turn my face into pixels again.

b. I am all about the angle and composition of the photo. I've asked Jared {see - asked} to take some photos of Ev and I and I'll look at them in review and say "um, could you try scooting in a little closer? and maybe stand on your tippy toes a bit and shoot downward? And try not to get that pole in the background?" I have this idea of how a photo should work and I get really frustrated when I have this vision and Jared doesn't have the "eye" for it {sorry dear!}. I'm not saying that I am an expert photographer by any means! I'm just particular.

c. I only look photo worthy when I am tan. And I'm not tan right now, so we'll hold off on photos til that comes about.

d. I'm fine being the camera hog because I get to be the artist capturing moments of love in action. And that's what a camera's for, right?

photo taken summer 2011 by my friend Amy on the Santa Monica Pier the week before we moved

Evelyn and I are departing this weekend for California! Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and encouragement to help us get through our travels there! So far we have a whole row to ourselves. We're praying it stays that way :)

Happy Friday!

skinned knees and baby jellies!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It has been b.e.a.utiful over here in good 'ol Virginia! I've almost forgotten about the winter blues I've suffered from the past 3 months because spring is coming in like a lion with 80* weather. With spring of course comes an abundance of animal life emerging from their winter hiding places, giving us endless creatures to scavenger hunt for. Evelyn has learned the sign for bird this week, and so after dinner each night we've gone bird watching. It's been such an eye opener for me to stop and really take in the beauty of this earth. Jared and I stop with her at just about every tree looking for a little tweet*tweet*. We examined a wiggly worm, flowers blooming and just really soaked in the little details of this world.

I also can't get enough of this little girl in her short shorts and little jellies! She's getting really good at "running" now, which led to a little spill and cut knee. Jared commented "She's not a baby anymore. She's a full grown toddler, getting her hands dirty and scraping her knees!" So true, dear, so true.

**Does anyone else always want to sing this song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when spring comes around? I always had a crush on Ephraim...

cookie butter

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guys, I'm pretty sure for the past 3 days I've felt the baby move, which is ludicrous because it's so early and I didn't feel Evelyn until about 17 weeks {i'm now 13 1/2 weeks along}. So naturally, I googled to see if I was bonkers and if it was just my nausea rolling in the deep rather than the babe. Turns out, it is possible to feel a baby that early, especially if it's your second + time around because you are aware of the feeling. I can't believe how quickly all of this pregnancy stuff is coming back to me and how quickly I am reacquainting myself to sleepless nights with a pillow stuffed between my legs, the awkward stage of I can't fit into my clothes but maternity stuff would look ridiculous on me right now, taking frequent cat naps and craving large portions of ice cream {wait, that's not just during pregnancy, that's all the time...}.

To make matters worse in the weight gain department, I quite possibly have stumbled across the BEST thing for cravings and the WORST thing for avoiding extra poundage. It's called COOKIE BUTTER. Yes, a spreadable cookie that you can put on celery, apples, toast, whatevs you want! I came across it last week in Trader Joe's "newbie" section and obviously knew it had to tested, so I bought a jar for the fam, brought it home and immediately text Jared saying I found the best hidden treasure in the whole world! It's like a gingerbread man left little flakes in peanut butter and now it's on my toast and doing a happy dance in my mouth. AMAZING!

Secondly, have you heard about Sprinkles opening a 24 cupcake atm in Beverly Hills?! Rumor has it one will be coming to DC this summer. This could get bad for Jared when I'm in my third trimester and 3 am rolls around .... :)

ending Sunday with a Sundae

Monday, March 12, 2012

I think I died and went to heaven this weekend. Everything about the past 3 days was perfect! If you can't tell from the photos, Mr. Oakden and Miss Evy Rae are buddy buddy these days :) Dad even taught Ev how to go down the stairs on the jungle gym while I was gone for 4 hours on Friday! What?! Best dad EVER! I love seeing those two spend quality time together.

And hello, daylight savings! You definitely are saving me in so many ways right now. Last night, it was awesome of you to stay bright until 7 so we could go on a family walk, stalk all the dogs in the neighborhood, and admire the pretty blossoms budding on the trees.

After we put Ev to bed, Jared and I decided that the only way to end this fab Sunday would be with a Sundae - warm brownie bottom, with nuts, peanut butter ice cream and chocolate sauce.

and it's a countdown to the scariest thing i have ever done

Thursday, March 8, 2012

In a little over a week I will be doing THE scariest thing I have ever done in my whole life. You might expect it to be something from fear factor, and if I did have to eat larva and drink cow's blood that would definitely win out, but no, it's something that sounds so nice but for 6 hours it won't be. In less than 10 days Evelyn and I will be traveling home to California for 2 weeks. That's not the scary part, but rather the happy part! The scary part is getting there. Checking in through security, taking off my shoes while trying to keep Ev from running off, folding up the stroller and putting it on the belt all by my little mom self. Flying solo. For 6 hours. With a babe on my lap. Scrambling for toys out of my backpack. Unpacking snacks for a 13 month old and a pregnant self. Leaving at 6 in the morning. 3 hour time change. All of this sounds deathly scary to me. I'm not afraid of flying at all, it's just knowing Ev's personality all to well and knowing what a confined plane ride has in store for us both. Evelyn is a very spirited young lady and I love that about her. But sometimes all the time that spirit results in tons of energy, a loud voice, doesn't sleep on the go, and all of this is just making my nerves fry. So all week I've been preparing for this excursion and making a list of necessary things to include in our travel bag. One of those things are headphones and the first time I put them on her, Ev freaked out. Slowly but surely this week we've watched videos of her on my phone while I would sneak the headphones on. Well today, I didn't have to sit with her and watch the videos! She totally let me put them on and they stayed on and I didn't have to sit by her.

Obviously all of this will have a good outcome because we will be with my family and I am so excited to see their faces and be back in California! I am so grateful for my parents extending this invitation to us! It's just the task of getting there seems daunting right now {and the fact that i'll be leaving Jared for 14 days. How crazy is it that we haven't spent one night apart in our whole 3+ years of marriage?! Yeah, so I've had my sobfests over that too}. And Ev had a sobfest when I took the headphones away.
But how adorable is that look of sorrow? I'm hopeful she'll woo the other passengers into liking her :)

it's the little things

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jared took a break from studying the other day to give Evelyn her first piggy back ride. I don't know why she's 13 months and now just getting her first trample around on a back, but I think it's safe to say we'll be spending alot more time on all fours making silly noises in the future. I mean, how can we not when we get such smiles out of her? It's the little things that I hope I never forget.

things that make me excited for spring

Monday, March 5, 2012

Can we talk for a minute about how it's going to 65*-70* for three consecutive days this week here in NoVa? I could have kissed the weatherman when I heard that last night. I immediately broke out my "places to see" list and narrowed down the things I could cross off during the warm springy spurt. So this all means that spring is right around the corner and I am all too full of plans.

1. Eat about 20 bags of cadbury mini-eggs, for they only come twice a year! Except this year i didn't see any at Christmas time... and I was saddened by that. 

2. The cherry blossom festival here in DC! I've never been and I think it will be all just so magical. 

3. Zara, you will be my source for Ev's Easter dress if I can save my pennies and afford you.

4. Does anyone else dream about how handsome their husband is during the summer time? I mean, Jared's fab year-round of course, but I love the way he looks all tan, with a polo and slip-on loafers. Mmm Mm.

5. Garden, garden! I want a garden! We don't have a plot of land to call our own, so I've been researching things that can be grown in big pots, namely tomatoes, zucchini and some herbs. I hope I'm successful.

6. Got that in the mail on Saturday and LOVE it! I kinda can't wait to get into maternity clothes this time around. I live for comfort and spring/summer bring skirts and dresses all season. YES, please!

7. Umm... I need that cooler. ASAP.

Funny Friday - Ellen Edition + Thank you!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

TGIF! First off, thank you all for your sweet love and excitement for our growing fam! I am so glad the news is finally out there! I have been so fortunate with both pregnancies to not experience morning sickness, but I get severely nauseous at night. Before getting pregnant, nighttime would be my blogger time where I would sit down and reply back to your wonderful comments, catch up on my blog reading and what not. Now I eat about 3 bowls of cottage cheese between 7-9:30 and try not to heave. Beautiful. I know. Anyway, I wanted to say sorry if I've been slow on returning comments, but I did have a few of you ask about how I made the scratch off card. It's SO simple and I am happy to share :)
1. I made the card in photoshop
2. Printed at kinkos on cardstock
3. Took clear packaging tape and cut to measure the dimension of the inside photo and laid down
4. Mixed equal parts of acrylic paint with dish soap, painted over tape {it will be splotchy}, let dry and did a second coat. Easy Peasy!

Now, on to Funny Friday. It's the first of the month, so you know that means an Ellen Edition, right? Well, I don't know who I love more - Ellen or Jen. Both are pretty superb. I don't think I would ever want to be on Ellen's show if I were a celebrity because of all the embarassing things she makes them do. Like Jen's dog leg kick when she's getting her back scratched.

Happy Friday :)

round two!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Valentines Day we sent our families a little homemade scratch-off card. 

Goodbye first trimester! 
Hello, there, chubby cheek mama!
My round self is appearing much sooner than it did with Evelyn, so feel free to back off for another 10 weeks, will ya, chub?