things that make me excited for spring

Monday, March 5, 2012

Can we talk for a minute about how it's going to 65*-70* for three consecutive days this week here in NoVa? I could have kissed the weatherman when I heard that last night. I immediately broke out my "places to see" list and narrowed down the things I could cross off during the warm springy spurt. So this all means that spring is right around the corner and I am all too full of plans.

1. Eat about 20 bags of cadbury mini-eggs, for they only come twice a year! Except this year i didn't see any at Christmas time... and I was saddened by that. 

2. The cherry blossom festival here in DC! I've never been and I think it will be all just so magical. 

3. Zara, you will be my source for Ev's Easter dress if I can save my pennies and afford you.

4. Does anyone else dream about how handsome their husband is during the summer time? I mean, Jared's fab year-round of course, but I love the way he looks all tan, with a polo and slip-on loafers. Mmm Mm.

5. Garden, garden! I want a garden! We don't have a plot of land to call our own, so I've been researching things that can be grown in big pots, namely tomatoes, zucchini and some herbs. I hope I'm successful.

6. Got that in the mail on Saturday and LOVE it! I kinda can't wait to get into maternity clothes this time around. I live for comfort and spring/summer bring skirts and dresses all season. YES, please!

7. Umm... I need that cooler. ASAP.


  1. Where in NoVa are you? I'm in Reston! httpL//

  2. Um, why can't I live in Virginia?! I'm in rainy Portland...but there's supposed to be some sunshine here tomorrow with a high of 46. Ha! Anyway, I know what you mean about your husband during the springtime--well MY husband, not yours. ;) We fell in love in the Spring of 2003, and so that season holds such a special place in my heart. I'm excited to see all the fun adventures you and Evelyn have in the sun--maybe it'll give me some ideas of things to do with my little Adam when the sun makes it's way over here! :)

  3. great picks! i love that zara dress, so adorable!

  4. Yes! My husband is extra handsome during the spring...hence why Judah was conceived two springs ago ha!

    LOVE the cherry blossoms! I can't wait to introduce Judah to them this year. If you haven't been you have to go, seriously I promise you won't even notice the crowds because you will be in awe of walking under cherry trees while it looks like its snowing soft fluffy beautiful blossoms. Its heavenly.

    Just bought some of the mini eggs two days ago!! I look forward to the eggs more than girl scout cookies :-)

    This is the year I am transforming my backyard into a wonderful garden oasis. It may be easier to do so since we live in a town home and don't have a huge backyard :-) I LOVE spring!!!

  5. It is ALL about those mini eggs. I'm totally an addict!!!

    - Sarah

  6. Cabury Mini Eggs?
    I wait for them all year long.
    And always gain a few extra pounds every Easter because of it.
    It's totally worth it.
    Your list is great.
    And I love, love, love that cooler!
    Love from,

  7. definitely gonna have to check out those mini-eggs, I don't think I've ever had the miniature version...they sound very dangerous!

  8. I am so excited about the Cherry blossom festival too! I was just googling it this weekend.

  9. those mini eggs are BOMB for sure.

    That cooler, wow, super fun!!!

    And that little dress from Zara; before I clicked on it it looked like an adult top for us!!!

  10. I fell in love with the little cream polka dot dress from Zara. I had to stop myself from buying it because I refuse to pay 35 bucks for a little girl's dress. But they are oh so cute!

  11. totally with you on the cadbury egg thing. i had my fair share at christmas...although they didn't seem as easy to find as usual and i've already had my fair share the past few days.

  12. The cherry blossoms are peaking so early this year, but I have to try to see them! After snow this morning, I am looking forward to 70 degree temps this week! that little dress is perfect! Love all of your Spring items!!

  13. wonderful post, a cherry blossom festival sounds so amazingly lovely.