Me, miss Jan Thomas Swim School?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is one reason and one reason only why I miss JT Swim School. Because by the end of the summer I look like this:

Busy Life!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well, JO and I have had a busy two weeks. Last weekend we made another trip to Fresno for this girl's wedding shower:Can't believe she's getting married! We drove down to Fresno in our "new" Honda Accord. We were pleased with the car's luxurious ride. We also took advantage of the Target a quarter mile away from our house. You would think that living in LA there would be a plethora of Targets, but sadly the closest one is 15 min away. Boo. So while visiting the Fresno Target JO found these awesome glasses that are totally GQ!

.............. Am I right?

This past week was a busy one too so we have totally enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend so far. Yesterday we laid out by the beach and then decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm for half-day tickets - $25! We had a blast! We both can agree that Supreme Scream was the most amazing ride - especially when JO starts laughing all the way down. The Oakden laugh is unforgettable and contagious. But I would have to say that a close contender for best ride is GhostRider. Hands down. Mostly because when the ride is over, JO's hair looks like this:
Have a great Memorial Day!

We're growing up!

Friday, May 15, 2009

If there's anything better than having your husband request NSync as the car jam tune it would be the fact that he specifically requested "It Makes Me Ill." He's awesome. Well, we've taken a huge break from this blogging business and alot has happened.

1. Well, we're growing up! We bought our first car! We needed a second one and after searching around for a week, we decided on our nice Honda. It's an older year, but you wouldn't guess it because the leather interior is up to par, plus it's got the sunroof that gives it a nice SoCal touch. So we are proud owners of our first pink slip! We also got health insurance this week! Yay for payments, decision-making and adulthood!

2. We've discovered for ourselves that Sprinkles cupcakes really are the bomb-diggity. We've tried other cupcake boutiques along Wilshire and nothing compares. JO was super nice 2 weeks ago. He picked me up from work and I had this sitting in my seat:

3. We've ventured down to the founding site of Los Angeles - Olvera St. It was a cute strip with mexican shops and the oldest Adobe house in Los Angeles. Jared had to do an interview for his spanish class with a woman who owned a tamale shop. I LOVE it when he speaks Spanish. Jared also had me try a mexican candy which I was anticipating to be...weird but it wasn't. It's called Mazapan, which always reminds me of Marzipan, a delightful treat my friend Kristen would buy from Harrod's chocolaterie which makes me think about this:

Countless nights of WONDERMENT over Harrod's Gelato Menu...

And this......

London is heaven.

We will reside there after Jared finishes dental school.

Or Maybe 20 years from now.

4. I've had the decorating itch lately, but neither the money nor house to decorate. I was really close to buying an armoire, but Jared luckily stopped me. We'll save the money for the time when we really need it and have the proper space. But in the mean time our apt consists of homemade pillows, picture frames from Michaels, some candles, and an awesome wooden chest. If only I could paint the walls, this room would have more personality.

5. Red Box

We owe many of our dates nights to this ingenious idea. I think the movie we've enjoyed the most is "BOLT." Very quotable and humorous. "Bed Time Stories" was ok.

We're heading up to Fresno this weekend. Last month it was for Easter and this weekend its my sister's bridal shower and then the wedding but after that - no more Fresno!