Busy Life!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well, JO and I have had a busy two weeks. Last weekend we made another trip to Fresno for this girl's wedding shower:Can't believe she's getting married! We drove down to Fresno in our "new" Honda Accord. We were pleased with the car's luxurious ride. We also took advantage of the Target a quarter mile away from our house. You would think that living in LA there would be a plethora of Targets, but sadly the closest one is 15 min away. Boo. So while visiting the Fresno Target JO found these awesome glasses that are totally GQ!

.............. Am I right?

This past week was a busy one too so we have totally enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend so far. Yesterday we laid out by the beach and then decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm for half-day tickets - $25! We had a blast! We both can agree that Supreme Scream was the most amazing ride - especially when JO starts laughing all the way down. The Oakden laugh is unforgettable and contagious. But I would have to say that a close contender for best ride is GhostRider. Hands down. Mostly because when the ride is over, JO's hair looks like this:
Have a great Memorial Day!

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