We are Man and Wife.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2 years going strong today.
Many more to come.

Free Cheer.

Monday, December 13, 2010

There aren't many places in LA where you can enjoy a quality Christmas experience for free.
The Grove would be one of those free places.
Saturday night we dined at Marmalade Cafe and anxiously awaited the snow fall 
that happens every hour on the hour.
Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" blasts through the speakers as the snowflakes [aka bubbles] start descending from the outdoor rooftops.
It is rather magical seeing all the dad's with kids on their shoulder tops reaching up to grab the snow, while all others stop in their tracks to snag a wintry kiss or grab at the fluff.
It made my Christmas season a little bit brighter.

Shower Thoughts

Friday, December 10, 2010

So you know those "ahhh" moments we all have when something just clicks where it didn't before? My family's always seem to surround song lyrics. When my brother was little, we all got a kick out of his rendition of the Beach Boy's "Little Deuce Coupe" --- "She's my little loose tooth, you don't know what I got --- loose tooth, you don't know what I've got." I think my mom wins it over though for the best [sorry mom if you're reading this!]. In her naive little teenage years, she thought the song "Afternoon Delight" was in homage to a popular fast food chain restaurant at the time called "Chicken Delight." Oh mother, how precious!

Well I had one of those moments myself last Saturday. Seeing that I'm 24, this revelation was an embarrassment to myself and apparently to my husband when I told him. So Elvis, he's got this way of singing that just smooths every word into the next. He's always tricking me, but particularly in "Blue Christmas." For years I had no idea what he was saying at this one part so I just said "shoo-be-doin-alright with your Christmas of White..." Now wait, that makes a bit of sense. Shoo-be-doin is likely to mean dancing, so Elvis' girl is all happy rockin the night away without him. Ok, fair enough, that was a poorly executed argument. So last Saturday when we were sitting there at a Christmas Party and our friend Rachel started singing the song, my ears were opened and my understanding clear. I spent that evening in the shower singing what I felt a re-birth of that song "YOU"LL BE DOING ALRIGHT, with your Christmas of white..." I was sooo close all those years! I was practically singing it right, but without piecing together what was actually being said. I came out and confessed my long-term misunderstanding to Jared. His response? A long stare of disbelief, mocking laugh and then posting of my misinterpretation on my FB wall. Just you wait Mr. "oh, I know all lyrics of Elvis Christmas Carols." I'm just waiting for you to trip up on some Beyonce lyrics and I can pull out my redeeming card!

Cleaning up House.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And blog too, can you tell? I'm running out of things to clean and prep at home, so why not turn to the cyber world for some touching up? Actually, truth be told, I've been sitting here at work 3 days this week with nothing to do. So I decided to teach myself a bit about HTML and CSS, which resulted in this new spiffy layout. And sometimes I like to pretend like I'm a big-time blogger, hence the "ABOUT WE" and "WATCH WE" links. And that's all I've done today. 6 more weeks left of work. I hope your day has been more productive than mine.

I've been showered.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

 I was telling Jared the other night how much I will miss Santa Monica when we leave. Sure I will miss the beach community itself, but more so the people. This last weekend I was the recipient of much love and generosity. 5 lovely ladies put on what I would say was the most spectacular baby shower in all history. Everything from the food to the company was divine. Not to mention that our little girl's wardrobe is now very well stocked! I am so appreciative to all those who took part in such a special occasion. We're ready for you baby girl! [Also, I'm ready for this chubby face to go and the extreme body temperature fluctuations.]