Friday, August 27, 2010

I love culture. I love feeling cultured. Especially when I get culturated for FREE! If you haven't figured it out already, I am 1) awesome, 2) an aesthetician [not to be confused with beautician] and 3) a tight-wad. So you will understand my excitement when I found out that I could see Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in Griffith Park, on a blanket with a picnic, for FREE! Yes, yes, we threw that shindig down last Saturday with our lovely friends, the Webbs. We brought blankets and picnic [ahem... panda express], laid under a tree and laughed our jolly selves away at the play. I had heard of "Much Ado About Nothing" but from the title I inferred that it had much to do about nothing, so it never intrigued me. However, it was one of the most entertaining plays I had been to besides "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," which seriously had me roaring. It was the perfect summer evening, with perfect company and the 3 hours of acting were superb. Our only regret is that we didn't go in July when they performed "Othello."



I don't think I ever reported that Jared and I took the GRE 2 weeks ago. We did. I came out of that test knowing 250 words that I previously did not. You would think my vocabulary would have expanded as a result and my dialect would be more astounding, but quite frankly I get intimidated by big words and using them incorrectly. So until I have mastered their context and part of speech, my jargon shall stay the same.

For those who care.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

17 weeks.

He could model.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PhotobucketThe other night Jared was gracious enough to be my model for the evening. I have so much to learn about photography, lighting, my camera, so we went out after work for an evening shoot. He makes it easy on me because every angle/lighting works towards his advantage with that chiseled jaw. Last night we watched wipe-out. I'm not an addict of that show and I would never make it my ritual to sit down and watch it except Jared likes it. And I also like listening to his giggly laugh when the contestants face plant. [Actually, last night was pretty funny. I think we both were gulping for air at one point.] I just really like being with him.

I have this journal that I titled "OBSERVATIONS." It's where I write down my observations of life, if you will. A lot of quotes, inspiration, self-realizations, improvements, etc. I got my OBSERVATIONS journal in Scotland, and it is dear to my heart. I mentioned in a whisper to Jared on Sunday that my journal was getting full - that means we better plan a trip to Scotland! On Monday night I came home from work to a hemp journal sitting on my bed, complete with natural papermill sheets, the kind where the woodchips are dried into the pages and smells of cut wood, and the journal was line-free. Just how I like it. I couldn't help but tear up over this simple gesture. He is amazing. Did I also mention that he saved us $70+ in car repairs by changing the break lights by himself? What a stud.

When you wish upon a star...

Friday, August 6, 2010

your wish doesn't come true. That's why I have a husband. I've caught the photography dream! I've been so enamored lately by the creativity that photography allows, so last Monday Jared agreed that I could purchase a digital slr camera from Craigslist! I'm so thrilled about this up and coming hobby of mine. You know what this means, local Santa Monicans [ok, primarily SM 1st ward]? I may be looking for your voluntary services so I can experiment on you or your precious child/ren! Come on, it'll be fun! Completely gratis until I can get a handle on this whole thing. Think about it.

The past two weekends we've been on the road with family. We spent a weekend beach camping in San Clemente with Jared's fam, which was a well-lived adventure with no pictorial evidence. I don't know why I neglected my camera that whole weekend :( Last Thursday we made our back up to Fresno. Jared had a nephew get baptized and my brother went through the temple in preparation for his mission, so it was quite the weekend of ordinances for us.

While on visitation with my family, my siblings were practically begging me to make a video with them. Once they realized how cool it was to be on film on the Oakden blog, they seized the opportunity and insisted we make a music video. [or maybe it was me doing the soliciting to them to make the video] Either way, it was a great way to spend a hot 100 degree afternoon. in the backyard. with 2 adults, 2 teenagers and a 10 year old.

Its about to get political.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It’s not about condemning someone’s lifestyle. It’s not about inequality. It’s not even about religion. It’s about equality. It’s about the preservation of mankind and the institution that fosters that regeneration.

I understand that antagonists of Proposition 8 claim that the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman is unfair. I might have to agree to some degree that is it unfair. I understand that two people of the same sex can be devoted to one another just as much if not more than a man and a woman. I understand that they want the title of “MARRIAGE.” But marriage is more than just a title. I hope that same-sex proponents understand that one. When I hear the word “UNFAIR,” I think of a child, selfish in its ways and ignorant of consequences. When my sister turned 5, I pouted all day long because it was her birthday and not mine. I coveted her rollerblades when it was me who was saving up for a pair of my own and she was just given them, mocking me. It was a cruelty I thought at the time I couldn’t take. So I cried.

So I can relate to the same-sex marriage proponents who are longingly looking at married couples, questioning why they can’t have rollerblades too when they have been just as dedicated in saving for a pair. Its’ tough to want what others have. The answer - it’s just not your birthday. Gay proponents are pouting. Pouting not about a birthday but because they want a right. A right that comes at a cost to others. Freedom is good. Freedom is what founded this nation. But order also needs to be present. Freedom flourishes when coupled with responsibility. Otherwise it breeds a society full of disrespectful, egocentric, demanding ingrates. And I’m not just speaking about marriage in society. Arizona better stick it to the aliens! Seriously, value your citizenship – get it legally.

Please understand that my argument is not for a religious purpose. Although I am a very dedicated religious woman, this is about protecting society and the freedom of all people. Same-sex couples can live together, spend the rest of their lives together, buy a house together – totally fine that’s their business. But to make it legal changes the way our society functions.

“Perhaps the most critical feature of traditional marriage is the impact the institution has on the creation and raising of children. Simple biology proves that relationships only between a man and woman can result in the creation of a child. It just can’t happen between two men or two women. Further, experts around the globe agree that the ideal family structure for a child is a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage. Logically, it only makes sense that society would want to encourage marriage between a child’s biological mother and father, and that is exactly what California (and virtually every other state) has always done.

To be sure, raising children today is infinitely more difficult than in past generations. Many single moms and dads do heroic work every day to raise their children in a loving, secure and safe environment. They have earned our respect and admiration. But laws and public policies are supposed to promote the ideal – the “common good” – for society, especially when it comes to our children. A child who is left fatherless through divorce or abandonment can certainly be lovingly raised by her mother, just as a single dad can lovingly raise his child without a mother. But to promote the idea of purposefully depriving children of a mother or a father simply because a miniscule portion of the population wants to experiment with homosexual marriage is not an acceptable risk.”

- Protect

Besides destroying the basis of societal function, let’s destroy that democratic system that we’ve been fighting for the past 300 years. That sounds swell! What happened to liberty and justice for all? Now I know what you’re thinking, what about the liberty and justice for all the gay couples? Regardless of the issue, the constitution is meant to protect the rights of the people. The majority of Californians voted in favor of a proposition, only to have their right disregarded. 7 million were cheated out of a vote that was rightfully theirs. That is unconstitutional. How childish that the opposing side had to pout their way to court.

I was struck by this comment I saw by a reader of the LA-Times: