When you wish upon a star...

Friday, August 6, 2010

your wish doesn't come true. That's why I have a husband. I've caught the photography dream! I've been so enamored lately by the creativity that photography allows, so last Monday Jared agreed that I could purchase a digital slr camera from Craigslist! I'm so thrilled about this up and coming hobby of mine. You know what this means, local Santa Monicans [ok, primarily SM 1st ward]? I may be looking for your voluntary services so I can experiment on you or your precious child/ren! Come on, it'll be fun! Completely gratis until I can get a handle on this whole thing. Think about it.

The past two weekends we've been on the road with family. We spent a weekend beach camping in San Clemente with Jared's fam, which was a well-lived adventure with no pictorial evidence. I don't know why I neglected my camera that whole weekend :( Last Thursday we made our back up to Fresno. Jared had a nephew get baptized and my brother went through the temple in preparation for his mission, so it was quite the weekend of ordinances for us.

While on visitation with my family, my siblings were practically begging me to make a video with them. Once they realized how cool it was to be on film on the Oakden blog, they seized the opportunity and insisted we make a music video. [or maybe it was me doing the soliciting to them to make the video] Either way, it was a great way to spend a hot 100 degree afternoon. in the backyard. with 2 adults, 2 teenagers and a 10 year old.