He could model.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PhotobucketThe other night Jared was gracious enough to be my model for the evening. I have so much to learn about photography, lighting, my camera, so we went out after work for an evening shoot. He makes it easy on me because every angle/lighting works towards his advantage with that chiseled jaw. Last night we watched wipe-out. I'm not an addict of that show and I would never make it my ritual to sit down and watch it except Jared likes it. And I also like listening to his giggly laugh when the contestants face plant. [Actually, last night was pretty funny. I think we both were gulping for air at one point.] I just really like being with him.

I have this journal that I titled "OBSERVATIONS." It's where I write down my observations of life, if you will. A lot of quotes, inspiration, self-realizations, improvements, etc. I got my OBSERVATIONS journal in Scotland, and it is dear to my heart. I mentioned in a whisper to Jared on Sunday that my journal was getting full - that means we better plan a trip to Scotland! On Monday night I came home from work to a hemp journal sitting on my bed, complete with natural papermill sheets, the kind where the woodchips are dried into the pages and smells of cut wood, and the journal was line-free. Just how I like it. I couldn't help but tear up over this simple gesture. He is amazing. Did I also mention that he saved us $70+ in car repairs by changing the break lights by himself? What a stud.

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  1. i love you guys.
    parker andy & i were talking about you today.
    busted, i know.
    parks was telling us of the story of how you said something motherly and he was like "what up pregnant lady" except, it was true.
    great. parker is the local baby whisperer.
    i should probably stay away from that kid for a while ;)
    i am seriously SO excited for you both & you are going to make THE most amazing parents & THE hottest children.