When life gives you a melting popsicle...

Friday, June 29, 2012

give it a big stare down and a disapproving frown!
Then gobble it all up and while you're at it, consume mom's as well :)
Have a great weekend!!
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wild heart

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I get emotional at the weirdest things these days. And most of it has to do with this girl growing up so fast. Yesterday we went on a mommy/daughter date to the National Zoo. While the purpose of going was so Evelyn could get "up close and personal" with the animals, it seemed that she had other interests of pushing the stroller around the whole time and chasing birds - two things we didn't have to do at the zoo. I got kinda tired of chasing her, so from a far I watched her venture off on her own {within reasonable distance of course}. She went farther than I thought she would, but before long, she looked up at the crowd that she was swimming in, tearfully looked around until she spotted my familiar face, and came running towards me with arms out stretched. As she got closer she started signing "mama" over and over again. As I picked her up she gave me a big hug, nestled into my shoulder, and we walked off together to see the gorillas. My mind was running of thoughts of wonderment that me, 25 year-old-inexperienced-me could be this little girl's everything. I am her safety. I am her happy place. I am her mama. Although we were just two small people in a crowded zoo that day, there was nothing more wild going on than the emotions of my heart. This mothering thing, I tell ya, is the best gig around.

Friday Giveaway! {closed}

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's giveaway is sponsored by ashleyNEF, a beautiful boutique that offers an array of goodies that will be sure to tickle your fancy. Whether you're looking for a new skirt for yourself, a tie for your big man or little man, or more ruffles for your little girl, ashleyNEF has you covered. I, myself, am trying to get a handle on all the clutter in my backseat that comes with a toddler throwing books, toys, and raisins , and Ashley's car organizer would be my ticket to a more sane car ride :) To enter to win a $25 credit to ashleyNEF, here's what you gotta do:

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Life's Snapshots

Thursday, June 21, 2012

naked baby on my lap is the sweetest// Evelyn window shopping
being silly at the doc office// post-getting-3-shots-in-my-leg sad face :(
playing house with dad// conked out on the bike ride home
swinging with our friend MJ// Evelyn's first time riding the carousel
Point Pleasant Beach// 26 week baby boy
finally had to put that maternity swimsuit on// key lime pie - my salvation!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what a stud.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm lucky to have known my husband for the past 12 years. I've seen him go through so many phases. From winning best hair in high school, to wearing a suit and tie for 2 years, on to spilling his heart out to me underneath the stars on his backyard trampoline saying that we had the real deal going on. And that he and I together were going to rock this world. My favorite phase, though, has to be this daddy phase. I can't tell in words how happy it makes me to look at Evy Rae and see that she is 100% a spitting image of her Dada. Like, holy cow, he and I created a mini-me? and we get to raise that beauty? Astounding. These past 16 months of watching Jared transform into something more than a man, but earn that title of father, has been so rewarding. He and I both agree that this parenting thing is totally the hardest thing we have ever done. But I am so glad he is the one I am raising my family with. What a stud.

Recipe for a Great Weekend: S'Meaches

Friday, June 15, 2012

So I think I know what we're doing Saturday night. Doesn't that look delish?! MMMmmm.
I can't believe it's already the weekend. 
Happy Friday!

Pizza on the Beach

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I don't think there is much I can write about this. It was as awesome as it looks. And I think I can claim vegetarian pizza as my new fav. This concludes our Jersey vacation re-cap, folks. I hope we'll be back soon!

Jersey Shore Part 2. Parasailing & Italian Ice

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Does it get better than parasailing? I will never know. I didn't go on the boat because I was worried about the cause and effect of massive sea waves on baby boy, so Ev and I sat on the shore and watched from far away as Dad was lifted up 500 ft in the air. The report was that it was awesome, but not as awesome as what followed after, which was banana boating out in the ocean. Apparently that won Jared over and for fair reason. I LOVE banana boating. There's something about being jerked around, hearing everyone else's shrieks, water being sprayed in your face making it impossible to breathe, and the terrifying thought of wanting to let go yet being afraid of that moment of impact with the rough water that just makes you laugh and cry until your abs hurt for the duration of your bumpy ride that just makes banana boating one of life's greatest pleasures. Sad I missed out on that one.

But I was lucky enough to get ice cream 2 nights in a row! Friday night we went to Strollo's. While everyone else went for their signature italian ice, I can never pass up a good frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. Ice cream, the smell of salty sea water, and a sunset over an antique harbor? Confirmation that summer is officially here!

Jersey Shore Part 1. Da beach

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I think we all died and went to heaven this past weekend. Our wonderful friends invited us up to their beach house for 3 days and we could not have asked for a better time. With Jared being a surfer, me being a sun worshipper, and Evelyn being a water addict, the beach was the perfect place for us to spend Friday and Saturday morning. Jared and I are used to So Cal beaches that are miles in width, crowded with tourists, rollerbladers, people that are high on drugs, and for the most part homeless and sketchy. The beach we went to was private, meaning you have a pass to get on it. How royal is that?! Another thing that was very different in Jersey in comparison to So Cal beaches was the fact that the beach house was in a neighborhood with trees and grass and stuff and then all of the sudden you walk 4 blocks and you're on the beach. Like BAM, you want a beach, there it is! In the middle of a wooded area! I loved it! I only wish Evelyn was a mermaid, and I think she wishes that too. That girl couldn't get enough of the frigid water! More on Jersey coming up!

Out of Town + Group Sponsors

Monday, June 11, 2012

We are actually out of town right now. We spent the weekend up in the Jersey Shore with our friends at their beach house. Since I'm writing this on Thursday as we are getting ready to exit town and scheduling it to post Monday, here's what I hope to report upon our return: 
Massive tan lines, parasailing checked off bucket list {for Jared, I can't go being pregnant and all}, lots of ice cream consumed, early morning beach walks, and Evelyn running wild in the big waves sea foam. With fingers crossed that all of that happens, in the meantime here are some lovely words from our sponsors this month on what they love most about summer!
Kristen: "I really don't love a whole lot about summer....but if I had to pick one thing, it would be the fruits ("fruits" used loosely) of my garden.  My favorites are watermelons and basil.  That's about all I'd need for sustenance to survive a hot Texas summer-a sweet juicy watermelon and fresh basil!"

Sonya: "This will be my first summer with Ardo that he can really enjoy.  Im looking forward to teaching him, in the summer, you can have watermelon with every meal, and it is perfectly acceptable."

Vicki: "The long days of summer are hands down, the best part of the season. The sun is out when you wake up and it's still lingering in the 8 o'clock hour, just begging you to take an evening stroll. Sunny, warm days AND nights?! Kinda puts a smile on your face, no? "

Thanks lovely ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday Giveaway!! (closed)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's giveaway is from a quaint little etsy shop, My Charming Colors. Jess, the owner and creative genius behind these cuties, is offering one reader a beanie of choice! Even though our baby boy isn't scheduled to arrive for another 3 months, I already placed an order for this gem. Isn't it a "hoot!" Here's how to enter:

Mandatory = 1 entry
1. Must be a follower of Little Almanac
2. Visit My Charming Colors, and report back in the comments which hat you love the best

Extra Entries = leave separate comment for each and link back to site posted
3. Facebook this giveaway
5. "pin" a hat
6. "favorite" My Charming Colors on Etsy

P.S. Yesterday I was featured over on Twirl. Check out my virtual coffee date with Laura here! Thanks for having me, Laura!

Also, a shout out to Maggie MacCabe! Happy Birthday!

Winner: Congrats Miranda!

Sponsor Feature: Living with Fletch

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nicole is a beautiful newbie bride, blogging about her adventures in marriage and laughs along the way over at Living with Fletch. I asked her to share her favorite things about this glorious season of summer that we are entering.

1. Weddings - including my own HOLLA!
2. Fashion - after being bundled up in jackets and scarfs who isn't ready to wear a skirt?
3. Sunshine - i am in desprate need of a tan
4. Swimming - particularly at the lake... on a yacht... and not getting my hair wet
5. Heat - for some reason i love that feeling of it being so hot in your car your pores open up
6. No School - i am heading into my senior year and CANNOT wait until it is over!
7. Country - something about summer makes me want to listen to country music
8. Sunscreen - i love this smell, right up there with rain and the freezer... don't ask
9. Scholarships Applications - time to apply, CHA-CHING!
10. Blogs - more time to read little almanac and dink around on other fabulous blogs
Thanks Nicole! {Comments are off for you to hop over to her blog and say hello!}

Cupcake Wars

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The other week Jared and I decided to do a cupcake war of our own. In Georgetown, there are 3 prominent bakeries that we decided to enter into the contest waging between our two judgmental mouths. The contenders were as follows: Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles, and Baked & Wired. Unfortunately, Georgetown had a line waaay too long to stand in with a wiggleworm toddler, so we had to skip it. Although we didn't get Georgetown that day, we have had it times prior and considered our impressions substantial enough to be able to contend. And the winner in our book is... dun, dun un DUN - SPRINKLES! Yes, Sprinkles still came out on top. Why it wins in our book:

Density - both the cake and frosting are just heavy enough to let you savor each bite. Georgetown - too airy and whipped. B&W - cake too generic tasting and not enough frosting for size of cake
Flavor - perfect amount of not too overpowering but definitely a lingering taste. Georgetown - totally wins on flavor, just not overall.
Size - not too big, not too small. Georgetown - too small. Baked & wired - too big? I hate calling a cupcake too big, because really? can there be something as too big a cupcake? I don't think so. But Sprinkles just nails it
Price - Georgetown charges too much for their size {smaller than Sprinkles}, B&W - $4 a bit pricey for me, Sprinkles - reasonable. PLUS both Georgetown and Sprinkles offer a secret word each day that if you "whisper" to the cupcake lady you get it for free. DOUBLE bonus for Jared and me.

Basically, what this sums up to is this contest of ours gave me a reason to eat 2 cupcakes in 5 minutes. Maybe next should be an ice creamery contest? :)

stomping in the rain

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tornado warnings and torrential rain storms were our companions this past Friday. The weather over here was caa-Razy. The skies were relentless with their blackened downpours and claps of thunder. We were without power for 2 hours, but luckily it came back on right in time for me to pop a margherita pizza in the oven and homemade breadsticks. While I was making the dough, Ev and Jared went for a little walk during a calming period of rain. As the dough was rising, I went to go find them and I found this happy gal singing stomping in the rain.