what a stud.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm lucky to have known my husband for the past 12 years. I've seen him go through so many phases. From winning best hair in high school, to wearing a suit and tie for 2 years, on to spilling his heart out to me underneath the stars on his backyard trampoline saying that we had the real deal going on. And that he and I together were going to rock this world. My favorite phase, though, has to be this daddy phase. I can't tell in words how happy it makes me to look at Evy Rae and see that she is 100% a spitting image of her Dada. Like, holy cow, he and I created a mini-me? and we get to raise that beauty? Astounding. These past 16 months of watching Jared transform into something more than a man, but earn that title of father, has been so rewarding. He and I both agree that this parenting thing is totally the hardest thing we have ever done. But I am so glad he is the one I am raising my family with. What a stud.