giddy up

Friday, November 30, 2012

 Our friends gave Evelyn their daughter's old rocking horse yesterday.

Do you think she enjoys her horsie? ;)

Hope you all saddle up and have yourselves a lovely weekend!
Us? I'm feeling like our weekend should involve an adventure of some sort, so we'll see if we can make something cool happen.

p.s. doesn't Evelyn look like a full-fledged toddler now?! When did that hhappppennnn?

dream job involves food - is that surprising?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I think I've found my dream job - a food photographer. It makes perfect sense because a good majority of my day revolves around prepping for and partaking of good eats, and the rest of the time I dream about food. Ask Jared, I LOVE MY FOOD, and NO I DON'T SHARE. He's still learning the latter part of that statement :) And being a food photographer would just open up so many doors for yummy things to get into my tummy!

So I made a batch of this ricey-goodness at the beginning of the week and I've been inhaling it every day for lunch. It's kinda like me and this skillet are dating because I'm always counting down the hours until lunch time and get rather excited when noon rolls around and we meet yet again. So today my food photographer self whipped out my cam because a) it's been 3 days and it's still DELISH, b) it's full of pretty colors, c) it's healthy, and d) I want you to make it!

Recipe found here. I substituted brown rice for the quinoa and did frozen corn instead of fresh. Now ready, set, go get your closest skillet!


15% off doesn't really qualify as a fire sale, but I mostly wanted to have one just because of this little scene by Tobias Funke.
December is going to be a fun month around here. I'd love to have you onboard!
More info here.

WARNING: cuteness overload!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

two months with two

Monday, November 26, 2012

I originally wrote this post last week and it was not a perky one. In my original confession, I lamented about how tough it is to have two kids. It is utterly exhausting on all fronts - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. My post expanded upon Evelyn's increasingly fierce defiance, Warner's astounding ability to wake up right as I put Evelyn down for her nap, leaving me with zero personal time in the day; I wrote of my feelings of inadequacy and emotional confliction. The hardest part for me is making sure I am giving each of my children the love and attention they need and deserve. It's not that my love is unplentiful, but rather I have too much love and too little time to give it. This is very emotional for me. I wish I could spend more time with Warner, getting to know this little personality that is blossoming more and more every day. I wish I could give Evelyn more of my undivided attention that she is so desperately craving these days. I wish at night I didn't vent to Jared about all the things that were wrong with my day rather than the things that were right. So I took the opportunity this weekend with him being gone, knowing that it would be a long 3 days with no break, to really find the good in each day. And you know what, there was a lot of good. A LOT. I really grew to love these kids of mine ten fold.

So this post today is coming from a good place. A happy place. Two kids is honestly the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is oh so sweet. It is golden. It is such a privilege to have such individual, independent, extraordinary, joyful, energetic souls under my care.

That's the raw truth, folks.

a day to count your blessings

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be feasting with friends this afternoon. They are our family away from home. We feel so blessed to have our hearts full to the brim of gratitude. Jared will be leaving this evening for the weekend. Our church has asked for volunteers to go up to New York to administer aid to Sandy victims. He will be working in humbling circumstances. We are grateful especially today that we were spared from that disaster just a few short weeks ago and are saying a special prayer for those who do not have much during this season. Let the days be merry and bright from now til Christmas!

blogging for passion

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I felt chills come over me as I read the words on the introduction page. Tears swelled up in my eyes and I was confused at the convulsions of excitement my body seemed to be producing. It was ridic. I'm serious, guys, I literally started to shed water from my eyeballs as I began my journey of reading "Blog, inc." Crazy, crazy! But just in the first few pages something was affirmed to me. I LOVE BLOGGING, THROUGH AND THROUGH. Love it, love it, love it. For so many reasons, and Joy seemed to just perfectly express the beauty of blogging in the first few pages.

I started my blog back in 2009, a few months after Jared and I were married. It almost seemed mandatory that once you got married, you just started a blog. At first it seemed pointless, because I was just posting photos and I could do that on facebook. And I didn't write all that much because I talked to my friends and family all the time, and they were the only ones following along so it just seemed dumb for me to write the ins and outs of our days. But then something happened. I began to take the blog to a different level. A personal and creative level. Joy talks about a blog being pertinent for a transitional period of your life, and being young and married, that was definitely a transitional time for me. I began to realize that blogging was more for me than it was for others. It was more about documenting how I was being redefined from being single to married woman. I now had an outlet to express myself in a way that was open for others to respond to, to find similarities and differences, to connect with on a such a different level. As I began to explore the blogosphere more, I realized that there were so many in this world that were going through similar situations as me, or others who were in greater trials than myself and made me count my blessings, or others who inspired me to be better, others who allowed me to recognize the beauty of this world through their words and talents. I realized that blogging was making me a better person.

Naming a blog is always tough. I went through a couple names myself on this place I now am so comfortable with.  I decided on Little Almanac because this is a teeny space where I am constantly chronicling tiny parts of my days which accumulate into years. Almanacs are usually published annually containing information of general interest and past times, so my archive is fittingly an almanac of our family life.

I'll be honest and say I worry sometimes that I am too narrow in my focus. That maybe I should expand and do a bit more of fashion or food or what have you. I'm worried that I'm mom-ifying this blog too much and that there's more to me than being a human spit rag and tantrum suppressor. But then I realize that I am blogging what I am passionate about. And right now I am passionate about motherhood.

I also love that this place is a creative outlet. I love re-designing my blog every couple of months {I'm sure you've noticed :)}. It is always such a stress burner for me to sit in photoshop and create something that is totally conjured up by my brain. I love the release that comes from writing and getting my thoughts out there. Writing is therapy for me. I could write 50 blog posts a day. My brain now THINKS in blog posts. I've learned through blogging and writing that the little things are what make life great.

I love the friends I have made through this blogosphere. The sense of community felt is amazing. There are a handful of you that I have been able to meet in person that I otherwise would not have been able to connect with if it weren't for this blogging world. There are others that I know I would be instant friends with if we were ever to be face to face. When Warner was born I was amazed at some of you women who reached out and sent beautiful gifts {thanks Jess, Sonya, and Shauna!}. I am constantly in awe by the love I have felt from wonderful readers friends like you. I need to be a better friend and be more consistent in outreach and comment responses. Having two kids has definitely limited my time to respond back to each comment and email, but that doesn't mean they aren't appreciated. I'm going to try my best to holla'back in-line to each comment.

Boy, who knew that just cracking open the first few pages on this book would unleash this fury of a post. Basically, I'm bearing testament to you that blogging is awesome. That I love this blog. I love that I can write whatever is important to me, and at this time it seems that my family is stealing the show, which it rightfully should. And sometimes I blog about good food {mostly desserts}, because food is my second main reason for living. Maybe in 20 years from now I'll have a travel blog, but for right now this is my Little Almanac about my life in transition of being a mom, yet still feeling like I'm 10 years old, sometimes immature and overdramatic, but mostly just obsessive over my kids. Thanks for reading along!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wow, I feel like the blog has become saturated lately with awesome giveaways! Tis the season of gift giving, right? ;)

Today we have a great giveaway from THRIVE. Thrive is sponsored by Shelf Reliance, "the premier source for emergency preparedness supplies and informational tools." As many of you know, 3 weeks ago we were faced with an emergency situation when we prepared for Sandy. Luckily we were spared from the damage, but it was an eye opener to me of how much more prepared we should have been with food storage and emergency necessities. "THRIVE is a revolutionary food storage product that was developed for incorporation into everyday menu planning" and is a "healthy, cost-effective option you'll love to use!" I can't tell you how badly I wish my pantry was stocked with this fine food!

Today's giveaway is for one good basket with the following items:

1 - instant milk, pantry can
1 - baked potato cheese soup mix (feeds 4)
1 - freeze dried pineapple pouch
1 - freeze dried pomegranate yogurt pouch
1 - 10 grain pancake mix, pantry can

This is such a great kid-friendly food storage bundle! I was telling Ashley, the THRIVE Rep, that I wish I had more foods Evelyn would enjoy in our food storage, and she delivered in this package!

To enter:

- visit Ashley's site and "like" it {button is on the right side below Ashley's picture}
- visit Ashley's site and click the "contact" button and submit your information to learn more

Also, check out Thrive's black friday deals beginning Nov 23 - 26th! You can preview the sale here, but must wait until Black Friday to purchase deals.

Congrats, Autumn!

to you...

Monday, November 19, 2012

circa 2008

We were so cheesy lovey this past weekend, you and I, but I loved every minute of it.
You told me I was kissing you too much. I told you oh well.
You watched both kids for 3 hours so I could go to the temple alone.
You kissed my neck and said it smelt like baby acid.
You told me that Warner's little snowsuit was a good buy. Seriously. You approving something that I bought means I don't have to feel guilty about the money spent.
You told me I was pretty more than once... or maybe you told my watch it was pretty more than once ;)

Remember last week when I thought I had cancer at 11pm at night and started crying? It was so real to me at that moment. I seriously felt like my life was flashing before my eyes. I told you I knew it. I knew cancer was going to get me someday and that's why I was keeping this blog, why I was a photo-aholic, avid journalist, and love-obsessive mother and wife so that my legacy would live on. And you just laughed at me and said I always jump to the worst possible conclusions. Thanks for loving my quirky self.

friday giveaway! {closed}

Friday, November 16, 2012

I am so happy to be hosting a giveaway from Abbey's lovely shop today, Sprightly So! Her boutique is absolutely darling! I've been eyeing her family heirloom necklace for quite sometime :)

Today Abbey is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a 

To enter, please do the following and leave separate comments: 

Visit Sprightly So and tell which item is your fav
Follow Abbey on Twitter
Like Along Abbey Road on FB

Good luck! Giveaway ends one week from today!


Congrats, Lindee!

push button to add drama

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This gets me laughing everytime!!
I would love for something like that to happen to me. 
If only I were lucky enough to be in that Belgian Square...

let's add more drama to this post and announce the giveaway winner of the My Charming Colors Giveaway, shall we?!

drumroll.......pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdp {how do you type a drumroll?}

Congrats, Julie! Thanks to all who entered. Remember you can still get 10% off your order with the code KENDRA at checkout :)

how I top it off

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  I am by no means a stylist. I don't know diddlysquat about hair, but what I do know is that getting my mane out of the way is essential when nursing every three hours, throwing a diaper bag over my shoulder, and carrying a baby in a wrap 70% of the day. And I've actually had a couple of you lovely ladies ask me how I style mine, so I thought I'd do a quick post about it.
   After trying pin after pin of top knots, none of them worked for me due to my hair either being too long or too thick to be styled according to given tutorial. I would spend a good chunk of time trying to make my bun look un-cattywompus-like,  and just defeated the purpose of the effortless look I was going for. Until one day I did something different and it has worked for me every day since September 20th. It takes about 3 min to whip this bad boy up.

Here's what I do.

1. High pony
2. Divide high pony into two separate groups and twist them together.
3. Wrap twist around pony base. {mine twists around 1.5 times}Tuck ends under the bun.
4. Secure with bobby pins. Tada!

Because my hair is so thick and long, I felt it was always too bulky with other tutorials. But the twist allows it all to stay tightly wound together, plus I like how the finished bun looks "woven."

Oh, and I didn't do it for these photos, but the key is to gel down the fly aways. It gives it a much cleaner finish :)

what it's like over here

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday evening at our house. 
//My big baby girl loving on my little baby boy.
//Mr Chubster chillaxin. I can't get enough of his sweet smiles and solid tummy! Sad he has a cold at the moment :(
//Hide and go seek with Dad. I love hearing giggles and roars from every dark corner of the home.
//The night ended with an airplane ride on dad's legs.
Perfect conclusion of a busy weekend.
It's these small moments I'm sure I will miss 20 years from now when our house is quiet and the kids are grown. So weird that we're all slowly aging... Time is a sneaky one.

My Charming Colors Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boy, oh boy, am I excited for this giveaway! Jess is the fabulous designer behind these adorable hats. If you follow me on instagram, you have seen this beauty she made that is adorning Warner's cutie patootie baby noggin. I seriously get so many compliments when we are strollin about it our hootie owl hat. It is so darn cute. And I can't say enough kind words about their maker. Jess is a fabulous lady, enormously talented, and so honest and genuine in her work. Her shop, My Charming Colors, is stocked with so many beautiful things. From fox beanies to sleepy owls, to elephants and pixie, to slouchy hats and ear warmers for adults - you are bound to find something that you just have to have for either yourself, child, niece, nephew, whoever! With the holidays around the corner, My Charming Colors is the perfect place to do a little Christmas shopping!

Today, Jess is offering one reader one item of choice - your pick of size and color!!
To enter, please leave a separate comment for each of the following:

1.Visit My Charming Colors and leave a comment stating which item you would choose should you win
2. Follow My Little Mustache
3. Follow My Charming Colors on Facebook

Also, you can use the code KENDRA to receive 10% off your order and there is no charge for custom hat orders through Thanksgiving! Great deal, folks! Giveaway will close one week from today.

Best of luck!

my mom mom

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We have this hilarious book that we love to read. It's called Skippy Jon Jones and it's about a cat who wants to be everything but a cat. His mom is always telling him to appreciate that he is a cat and "not a goose or a moose, or a bat or a rat. You are a siamese cat." Anyway, that could be a whole nother spiel I could give about appreciating who you really are, but that's not the point of this post. Whenever the mom comes into the picture, Evelyn points to Skippy's mom and says "Cat mom mom." Then without fail she puts her finger to my chest and says "my mom mom."

This obviously has no real long-lasting significance to her, but to me - the mom of two, who is always sensitive its ridiculous - just having her acknowledge that "hey, that's that cat's mom and you're my mom!"does me in every time. I'm sure there will come a day not too distant when she won't be so quick and joyful to rest her finger on my chest and proudly say "you're my mom mom" because little girls grow up, right? Well when that day comes Evelyn, you best know that I will force you to still wear that "I heart mum" tee even if it fits as a leg warmer at that point just to remind you that there was a day when you loved me infinitely :) But I will always be proud to be your mama, Evy Rae. Gosh darn, girl, I could look at your pretty picture all day. STOOOOPPP GROWWINGG!!

gimme smore weekend!

Monday, November 5, 2012

This weekend went by all too fast, didn't it? Even though daylight savings should have been a bonus, waking up to tiny feet loudly kicking the wall at 6:30 was not. Time change always screws up the kiddies schedule. But regardless, we had a fab FAB weekend, complete with a date night out ALONE with Jared to my favorite Maggiano's. Bread dipped in oil and vinegar is like candy to me. I think I would choose a bakery over a candy store any day.

With Fall now 100% in full swing with lower temperatures and naked trees, it is prime s'more makin' time. If it hasn't already been made apparent on this here blog, I am not a patient person. I know smores are traditionally roasted over a fire, but I am not one to build up roaring flames just so I can roast some mallows and plus, getting a fire started takes way too long. I grew up with smores in the microwave. Is that odd to any of you? Because Jared had never had a smore in the microwave before we were married, and I just grew up thinking everyone did smores by the power of radiation :) So here's a quick post about microwaving a smore to its prime consumption. It's simple enough, but as of last night I put myself on a little dessert restriction {#its2pmandihaventhadasweetfixalldayanditskillingmeidonthinkicanlastuntilfriday}, so these photos are to remind me what I have to look forward to.

Step one. Place handful of chips on one graham and microwave for about 15 sec. Spread fluff on top of second graham.

Step two. Place fluff graham on top of chocolate graham and microwave for 10-15 seconds until fluff starts to expand. I wouldn't do longer than 15 seconds because a) the chocolate may burn and b) the fluff can turn rubbery-like.

Step three. Consume. Then make about 4 more :)

*** my whole life I have used regular marshmallows, but last month I ran out of those but had fluff in the cupboard and used that instead. I now prefer the fluff over a regular marshmallow because it is creamier, but obviously a mallow will get the job done :)

vertigo + winner

Friday, November 2, 2012

Last week Ev discovered the magic of a tire swing. She wanted to do it again and again. And by "it" I don't mean the spinning but rather the after effects of being spun - the stumbling, the vertigo. She's a crack up!

Happy weekend!