how I top it off

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  I am by no means a stylist. I don't know diddlysquat about hair, but what I do know is that getting my mane out of the way is essential when nursing every three hours, throwing a diaper bag over my shoulder, and carrying a baby in a wrap 70% of the day. And I've actually had a couple of you lovely ladies ask me how I style mine, so I thought I'd do a quick post about it.
   After trying pin after pin of top knots, none of them worked for me due to my hair either being too long or too thick to be styled according to given tutorial. I would spend a good chunk of time trying to make my bun look un-cattywompus-like,  and just defeated the purpose of the effortless look I was going for. Until one day I did something different and it has worked for me every day since September 20th. It takes about 3 min to whip this bad boy up.

Here's what I do.

1. High pony
2. Divide high pony into two separate groups and twist them together.
3. Wrap twist around pony base. {mine twists around 1.5 times}Tuck ends under the bun.
4. Secure with bobby pins. Tada!

Because my hair is so thick and long, I felt it was always too bulky with other tutorials. But the twist allows it all to stay tightly wound together, plus I like how the finished bun looks "woven."

Oh, and I didn't do it for these photos, but the key is to gel down the fly aways. It gives it a much cleaner finish :)


  1. I like the twist. It gives the typical topknot a ... twist! Ha, wow. I'm leaving now.

  2. Awesome! My hair is as long as yours but not as thick, so it actually does great with one of the bun donuts. But, you can bet I'm going to try this because I like the woven look too, very creative!!!

    By the way, speaking of creative, I tagged you on my latest post. I love your blog and I think you are so creative. Love,

    Shauna xoxoxoxxoxo

  3. Boom. I am so trying this! Thanks, woman!!!
    Hope all is well.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. Love it! I need my hair to grow out....

  5. I think it looks fabulous! Flyaways or no ... :)

  6. this looks so easy! yayy! my hair is finally getting long again and i've been enjoying the bun look lately too :)


  7. I can't even fathom having this much hair- I spend all my time trying to 'bulk up' my top knot! ha ha

  8. Fancy! Love it. Thanks for the input. I also have way thick hair that will not do what all those hair bloggers seem to think it should. Maybe I will give this a try!

  9. Oh my goodness, LOVE! I am so trying this. I would try it right now during my planning time, if it weren't for the large number of 2nd graders that would be distracted away from their current language arts class to watch me play with my hair at my desk. :P

  10. I am just finally getting around to reading this and I am SO going to try it this way tomorrow. My hair, like yours, is long and thick and full of nothing but trouble. Hopefully this will be magically successful for me too. Thanks!

  11. Oh how fun! I wish I had lovely thick hair to try this out. It looks great on you! Alas, I have super fine hair and it looks ridiculous ;) I tease mine like crazy if I want to do a topknot.

  12. Super cute! I was just wondering how you do this to your hair :-)
    Im going to have to write one up on my crown braids ;-)

  13. love this tutorial. the wrapping is such a great idea. i'm another thick-haired gal, so i know the feeling!