Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wow, I feel like the blog has become saturated lately with awesome giveaways! Tis the season of gift giving, right? ;)

Today we have a great giveaway from THRIVE. Thrive is sponsored by Shelf Reliance, "the premier source for emergency preparedness supplies and informational tools." As many of you know, 3 weeks ago we were faced with an emergency situation when we prepared for Sandy. Luckily we were spared from the damage, but it was an eye opener to me of how much more prepared we should have been with food storage and emergency necessities. "THRIVE is a revolutionary food storage product that was developed for incorporation into everyday menu planning" and is a "healthy, cost-effective option you'll love to use!" I can't tell you how badly I wish my pantry was stocked with this fine food!

Today's giveaway is for one good basket with the following items:

1 - instant milk, pantry can
1 - baked potato cheese soup mix (feeds 4)
1 - freeze dried pineapple pouch
1 - freeze dried pomegranate yogurt pouch
1 - 10 grain pancake mix, pantry can

This is such a great kid-friendly food storage bundle! I was telling Ashley, the THRIVE Rep, that I wish I had more foods Evelyn would enjoy in our food storage, and she delivered in this package!

To enter:

- visit Ashley's site and "like" it {button is on the right side below Ashley's picture}
- visit Ashley's site and click the "contact" button and submit your information to learn more

Also, check out Thrive's black friday deals beginning Nov 23 - 26th! You can preview the sale here, but must wait until Black Friday to purchase deals.

Congrats, Autumn!


  1. sent in my contact information also!

  2. How fun! I'm definitely interested in learning more about this company.

  3. I also sent my contact information. :-)

  4. Probably the most interesting giveaway I've ever come across!! (I like and contacted...) :)

  5. I like her page, and I so hope I win! I've actually been very curious about these products. I live in a developing country overseas (don't worry, I'm still a US resident with a US address) and there are many products that I love to eat in the states that just don't exist here, like sour cream and berries. I am so curious to see how well they reconstitute and if they taste just as good as they are when they're fresh.

  6. I submitted my contact information.