Along Abbey Road

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get ready to meet the most charismatic lady! Everything about Abbey is so charming. From her style, to her growing little family, you just want to smile from head to toe because her life is so beautiful. Not to mention her perfect hair that I would like to steal for myself ;) I'm sure you will be just as smitten with her.
Hello, hello Little Almanac friends! Pleased to meet you! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road, a personal life and style blog. So happy and honored to be here, because I think Kendra is absolutely awesome. I just have to ask, are you all as obsessed with following her Pinterest as I am? It's like she finds things from a magical little Pinterest stockpile that nobody knows about, and then brings immense joy to the pinning universe by sharing them. 
Okay, enough with the Pinterest gushing. How about I fill you in on a little bit of my life?
I am addicted to chocolate. Honestly. I eat it every day, and would probably go through withdrawals if I stopped. My favorite movie is The Holiday. I have literally watched it at least 82 times. Jude Law and Cameron Diaz should totally be real life lovers. Which reminds me, I should also inform you that I am a self-proclaimed pop culture whiz. People and Us Weekly are close companions of mine. I have been solely ordering the McChicken from McDonald's for the last 12 years of my life -- when I was 12, I got food poisoning from Mickey D's, which sent me to the hospital and I just can't summon the nerve to eat anything else on the menu anymore. Sad story, huh? If you can add, you would have arrived at the conclusion that I am 24 years old. If you can't, no judgment here. I am pitiful at math too. My husband, Matthew, is my partner in crime and my comic relief. We are that couple who tends to do strange things we think are hilarious, yet the general public stares at and sizes up for idiots. Good thing there's a match for everyone, right? So happy to have met up with mine! We've been hitched for almost 3 years and love snuggling on our 2 month old baby, Luke. Being a mom is definitely the best thing in the world. 
On Along Abbey Road, you will find the ridiculous, the sentimental, loads of pictures, projects, and my personal style and tastes. Let's be friends!


  1. I love Abbey and her blog so much--so for me this is a great post :)

  2. Checking out your blog right now...I think I'll love following you as well! :)