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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow, 3 days of posting in a row. So I previously stated I wanted to re-do our bedroom. This time with a white comforter. I found a good deal on this one from WalMart, ordered it, loved it, sold. Now it became my calling to find out how to accessorize this bed. I'm all in to simplicity these days, so I decided I want to back off from the 50 pillows on the bed thing to just 2 giant ones in front of 2 high stacked king pillows. But I couldn't land on a design. I went back and forth from World Market, purchasing different napkins in hopes of making them in to pillows, but none of them did it for me. I wanted to do my room with my favorite mustardy yellow and avoid florals and go earthy yet masculine. That's when I stumbled across these beauties here and here. But I wasn't about to pay $50 each for them. So I got the creative idea to make them myself [at the time I thought this was ingenious, but apparently a friend of mine is also blessed with a creative mind and did this herself, posting her creation literally 2 hours after I finished mine. Great minds think alike!]. With painter's tape [$0.50], foam brush [in my supplies], tole paint [$0.89], and 4 yds of fabric [50% off $2.99/yd] I re-created the very same thing. Yes, the paint bled through some parts of the tape, but I kinda like it.

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