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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Everytime I walk in to our bedroom I think "What the bananas were you thinking when you picked out that bedset 3 years ago?!?" Seriously, who consciously decides to pair chocolate brown, red and black together? It is horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE for so many reasons but mostly because it soaks up all the sunlight, making our room feel like a hibernating bat cave. So without the husband's most gracious blessing, I have taken it upon myself to bring some life back in to the room.

For me, my bedroom is my haven. I will always choose to comfortably rest my cross-legged self on my bed while sinking in to the pillows rather than the structured-ness of a couch to read a book [husband's favorite reading post]. I spend a majority of my time nursing in bed and I just like my room, k peeps? So I want it to be visually gratifying for me. Hence the desire to make it over BEFORE we move so when we settle in our new place I won't be carrying along with me my cave.

Some inspirations:
Can you tell my color loves? How bout let's mix it up with some gray tones, mustard yellow and whitey white? I LOVE LOVE LOVE white. Totally opposite of what I have now. It feels so refreshing, open and inviting. Most of all, it's SIMPLE! I am all about simplicity right now. The question is, is white practical for a family? With the frequency we now lay Evelyn on our bed and her frequency of spit ups = stained bedspread. Is it possible to have a white bedset without it getting stained by children? Let us hope so because I can't shake the alabaster craze out of my creative genius!

**Don't know where images came from exactly, but mostly from here, here and here... I think.


  1. I LOVE the grey and yellow tones! It will look so classy!!

  2. I LOVE that combination of colors! I am crazy about mustard yellow.

  3. Kendra- Have you ever heard of
    You can take pictures of things you like and "pin" them to a "board" so many cute ideas for bedrooms on there. You should check that out!

  4. i was also going to suggest pintrest! i am decorating in a creamy grays, mustard yellows and white bedding! i decided to do a big down comforter and get a white duvet to cover it. then when my baby boy spits up (or has blowout, which totally happened the other day)i can bleach or use other forms of stain removal for the duvet. it makes it easy to clean!

  5. My sister is redoing her bedroom in the colors and she just bought bedding at Nordstrom. Maybe check there! I know World Market has some pillows in those colors right now too. Miss you Kenny!

  6. Thank you all for your input! I have checked out pinterest, and it was so awesome I was overwhelmed! I'll look in to it again!