my worst date ever

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I was reading my friend's blog this morning and she was talking about the idiot that everyone is talking about these days - Bentley Williams. I have never watched a season of Bachelor/Bachelorette, so I'm not up on all the madness, but I know from everyone's fb posts that apparently this guy is a big jerk. So this morning I was prompted to look this guy up. Little did I know that this Bentley Williams is THE VERY Bentley responsible for MY WORST DATE EVER, if I can even call it a date. Ears far and wide, listen while I tell you the tale of my run-in with this monstrosity.

So Junior year of college my dad's friend, who I had known since childhood, invited me to his in-laws house for dinner. His in-laws had just returned home from being a mission president and it was the friend's idea to hook me up with one of their many RM suitors. So I go over and after meeting me that President says he believes I would be a perfect match for the AP when they were in the field. Enter Bentley Williams. The President says he's a good looking guy, asked for my number and says he'll pass it on.

That next week I receive a call from Bentley. He asked if I could go to lunch the next day. Great, that's settled. So next morning rolls around and I get a call from Bentley saying he's here and for me to come down. Jerkface #1 - didn't come to my door. So I walk down to meet him and he doesn't get out of the car but rolls down the window. He's in the passenger side. Jerkface #2 - doesn't open my door. Why is he on the passenger side? oh, because his FRIEND is driving. We head to Noodles for lunch. By this time I realize that his friend is coming along. Jerkface #3 - I'm the third wheel. Why am I here?? In line, he goes before me and pays for himself. Jerkface #4 - I PAY FOR MY MEAL. At this point I want to burst in to tears. I feel like an idiot. He and his friend chat back and forth and direct their attention to me every now and then. Finally we drive back home and I'm dropped off at the curb. I didn't expect any less at that point. I guess I wasn't pretty enough.


  1. ooooooh my! so disgustingly crazy. i can't believe he was an AP. the whole time the hubs and i were watching the bachelorette he was saying, "i hope he's not mormon. please, please don't be mormon." haha. dangit. luckily you dodged a bullet! but what a jerk!

  2. this is insane! you went out with bentley. i swear this mormon land is way too small. and trust me, you were pretty enough. he's just a first class a-hole.

  3. i am watching the clip RIGHT NOW.
    holllyyy cow what a douchebag.
    he is the epitome of a utah all-star.
    and agreed YOU DODGED A HUGE BULLET.
    i love the disconnect between what he really feels & how he acts.
    ohhh myyyy.

  4. oh my goodness.
    the whole time we watched the show i was wishing he wasn't mormon..what a great name he is making.
    i can't believe he was an AP.
    such a crazy story!

  5. this is the best blog post ever.
    seriously. made my day.

  6. I can't believe that! That man is crazy.

  7. Oh man. This cracks me up. I don't have a worst first date. I mean, I have a worst first date, but it's not with someone famous. Until that matt guy becomes famous, and then my worst first date will be famous too.

    That takes the cake.

  8. SHUT UP! That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. I am totally into the bachelor(ette) too. I would LOVE to hear what the President thinks of him now.
    I seriously can't get over this, Kendra. You're pretty much famous now. You should change the title of this post to Bentley Williams Stinkypants. You would totally get a million hits.

  9. wow, Kendra, unbelievable!

  10. terrible, we’ve all been on bad dates but i think you win Momma.