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Monday, June 27, 2011

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Do I dare say that June Gloom has finally left So Cal and we can get on with summer like the rest of the world? Last night on our drive home from a friend's house we took the scenic route along the PCH. My heart sagged as I saw the gorgeous dusk coast line and Santa Monica Pier and thought we're leaving this in 3 weeks for humidity and trees? Summer here is so great! We love California, even the state armpit of Fresno. A few of my favorite Cali summer things:

>> Beach Days
> 75* Weather
>> Palm Trees
> The Pier and all of its magic, ice cream and ferris wheel included
>> Strolls on 3rd St
> Seeing the Hollywood Sign in the distance
>> Sonic Cherry Limeade [I know you can get this anywhere, at any sonic, but its better in California:)]

Things that make us excited for DC summers:

> fireflies
>> fireworks on the Mall
> historical landmarks
>> Screen on the Green - so cool!
> Walking Georgetown
>> making new friends

I guess summer's good everywhere. And that's swell.

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