new hobby

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yesterday Jared came home to me in the front room, balancing an almost nude Ev on my hip while turning over and emptying out the toy basket. "It's messy in there!" I warned as he made his way to the bedroom. Drawers were left open, blankets were strewn across the floor, a kitchen chair was propped against the wall and a dresser was pulled out from its usual spot. He looked at me with a somewhat frustrated face and I explained to him what I was doing. A photoshoot of course. It kinda reminded of the ending credits in this Modern Family episode. The mess was worth all the glory below, right?
I'm thinking I could get in to this photography thing. Especially since Jared so graciously gifted me with Photoshop CS5 Extended Edition - the cream of the crop! This program is my drug! Unlimited creativity. Now who wants to hire me?


  1. this pictures are excellent! and also.. how do you make your headers so grreat? i think you need to make a tutorial.

  2. oh sakes, that is a cute baby!!!!! we love modern family too, well done.

  3. you are so talented/creative. i think you could do just about anything. i'm a big Kendra fan.