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Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're packed and ready to go. We're making our way across the USA to Arizona. I've never been to Arizona, but it is considerably warmer than Virginia this time of year so I think I'll like it just fine. Jared's family is having a reunion so we're looking forward to jokes and laughter.

As I was sitting there loading up all our stuff in to the suitcase and making sure I had all of Ev's stuff accounted for I just got so happy. Happy because I'm the mom now. I pack for not just myself, but my baby too. I just like that feeling of being responsible for someone. Eh, I guess anything can make me happy these days. I am nervous about our 5 hour direct flight. We haven't flown with Evelyn since she was 6 months when she was a) immobile 2) less attention needy 3) could fall asleep in her carseat and 4) less vocal. We're crossing our fingers that there will be an empty seat next to us so Ev can sprawl out. But that might be wishful thinking. Wish us luck!


  1. I was just in AZ last month (first time) for a girls weekend. Loved it! Wish I could go back to escape the VA cold weather.

    Have a safe trip. Hope little Ev will enjoy the flight too!

  2. Just found your blog today, and here you are traveling to my home state! You'll love Arizona - the weather is gorgeous this time of year. Hope the flight went well, and have a great time! :)

  3. So sweet! I wish you safe travels. I flew with my girl a few times when she was that age (much shorter flights, though) and she did great! Just had to make sure she was nursing/sippy-ing/pacifier-ing during take off and landing. Bring lots of snacks for her, hopefully if all else fails snacks will keep her occupied!

  4. It is fun to pack little things in the suitcase. :)

    As for the flight, these are my suggestions:

    -Go up to the person at the gate as soon as you get there and ask if it's a full flight. If not, ask if there's any way if you can get an open seat. If there is, you're likely to get it since everybody on the plane is in a better mood when the babies are in a better mood.

    -Try to get a window seat so you can keep her busy looking at the runway stuff while you're just sitting there.

    -Don't try too hard to entertain her. I always took way more stuff than I needed and it ended up just getting in the way.

    -Some things that ended up being good to have on hand were: snacks, toys that could go in and out of a drawstring bag (over and over and over again), the tray on the seat in front of you, the arm rest, the window shade that goes up and down (over and over and over again), a sippy cup with water in it so you can get her to suck on it when you go up/come down, a blanket to wrap her up in because she just might fall asleep more than you think.

    When Olivia was about Ev's age I flew with her 6 different times (3 round trip) and most of those times it was by myself. She was more mobile and everything and I thought she'd be really hard to handle, but for the most part she was actually pretty chill. She slept way more than I expected her to and I ended up using our portable DVD player for ME to watch movies on when she fell asleep in my arms (since I couldn't really move once she fell asleep).

    Best of luck!

    Have fun on your trip!

  5. have fun & safe travels!

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