Monday, November 7, 2011

Perfection. That would be the word to describe this past weekend. Oh, I don't think my little soul has ever been happier. I dare say that my heart "grinched-up" this weekend and grew three sizes. How is it possible that my love for my little family continues to soar leaps and bounds? We didn't do anything extraordinary yet it all just seemed so magical. Friday night we threw together our first little fire after Ev went to bed. See our feet warming up there by the flames? Yeah, it was awesome. Oh, and I finally found THE chocolate chip cookie recipe. Like, "I have never tasted anything better and I can't believe I made it, we should sell these for $5 a piece" recipe. Saturday Jared had to work so Ev and I spent the majority of the morning in my bed snuggling to keep warm under the covers. I was tossing everything I could in the bed to keep her entertained {i.e. empty toilet paper roll, hanger, chapstick} so we didn't have to get out. It was fa-reezzing in our house. Our Saturday evening was spent in bed at 9pm playing Words with Friends. Sunday morning we again had family play time in bed for a good hour. I guess our bed is the place to be :) Ev ate a banana whole for the first time. 

Last night I interrupted Jared's reading and sat on his lap where I remained for half an hour talking about life. We mostly talked about our baby girl. And each other. We haven't had such a "slow" weekend in a long time. I loved it.

**Ev gets comments from people all the time out in public about her smiley happy face. She is super happy. Lately I've also been getting comments about her hair, or lack thereof. Well, I did find one strand today that is 1.5 in long. We're hoping that will replicate times a million in the near future :)


  1. I love those kind of weekends!

    And you've got to share the cookie recipe! Chocolate chip cookies are my fav.

  2. so sweet ken! love love love it and miss that little one as well!