Christmas at the US Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The National Botanical Garden is cool by itself but add 800 feet of mini-train tracks, Christmas trees, poinsettias and model buildings all made from natural organic materials and it becomes a winter wonderland. You'll notice how distracted Evelyn is in all of these pictures. She is a train enthusiast. That yellow train up there coming out of the tree trunk? That one got Jared and I laughing. Everytime the choo-choo came out of the hole zipping by Ev would jump. It was rather funny. It was gorgeous this weekend with temperatures in the high 60's. It was the perfect day to stroll around the Capitol and throw our baby girl in the air. {I'm trying to use the word baby more because in 2 months she'll be one year old and according to baby clothing sizes she will not longer be an "infant." Sad.}


  1. I was just thinking last night that it would be fun to go into DC during the holidays. This place looks beautiful!

    It might be a while before we can venture into the city since hubby has Saturday classes. No fun! Makes it hard for family outings on the weekend.

    I love baby E's sweater and cute little flower head band.

  2. What a beautiful family! Great pictures.
    Isn't the 1st birthday hard? I still call my son my baby and he's almost 3 haha. He likes to tell me "No, I'm not baby. I'm toddler." :)

  3. That looks like so much fun!!! I love the holiday season so much. & I couldn't agree more! My little man will be 1 end of january and I hate that he is turning into a toddler not my baby! its very bittersweet.

  4. she is such a stinkin doll! and i totally want to go there

  5. visiting from 'mr. taylor and his lady' and had to comment, this pictures are beautiful! your family is adorable!!

  6. You have a seriously gorgeous family! 'She is a train enthusiast' made me laugh = ) Love your blog!