A heart full of Thanks

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I hate to break it to you Folgers, but the best part about waking up isn't coffee in my cup. I don't even drink coffee. The best part for me is waking up each day to my lovely life.

Husband. I had my eyes on you 7 years before our wedding date and I still can't seem to take them off of your wonderful self. Time with you just keeps getting better and better. Remember that conversation we had that one time about how we can't say "I" anymore but it's always a collective "we"? I like that we are so tied at the hip that we can't even distinguish ourselves from each other! {Except when it comes to cookie eating time - then I very clearly distinguish how many cookies are mine and how many are yours. I don't like being jipped out of my cookies.}

Evelyn Rae. Could there be a more beautiful thing in this world than you, my dear? I think not. I obsessively adore your perfect features and more so over your ever-developing personality. You have brought more joy to our lives than I ever thought possible.

Seasons. The crunch of crisp leaves and wind rustling through empty branches never sounded so good!

California. To counter the above, I would be duping you all if I said I don't miss California. Well, I don't miss it per say but it holds such a special place in my heart. It's beauty is also incomparable with it's low rolling hills, 70* weather, long stretch coastline, LA traffic and bustling lifestyle. But mostly for the wonderful people that shaped us in so many ways. Which brings me to the next.

Friends. We have been blessed by the lives of so many. Whether through relationships or merely by example, we have grown to love and admire so many.

Technology. Where would we be in this 5000 mile separation from our families without Skype? I think my heart would literally ache if grandparents couldn't watch Evelyn give kisses, furiously crawl, wave, clap and blow bubbles. It definitely eases the coast to coast distance.

The Gospel. I love my faith. It gives me clear hope, direction, stability and peace during this tumultuous time. Everything I have is because of my belief in God and in my Savior. Because of Christ's death I know i can be together forever with my family. Which leads me to parents.

Parents. Both Jared and I have been blessed with a wonderful and loving mother and father. Both taught us the importance of morals, manners, love, service, generosity, perseverance, work, individual worth, gaining knowledge and having fun. We hope we can be half the parents they were to us. It's a daunting task, no doubt, but it is a mighty fun journey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

**photo above taken our last week in California. Aug 2011.


  1. Great picture of you guys enjoying CA! Happy Thanksgiving! There are a lot of things to be grateful for in this beautiful life!

  2. That is so funny. We moved from the east coast to the west coast and I miss it so much. Here's to a cross country switch!

  3. Um Santa Monica Pier? Because we went a couple of times in August, too.

  4. this is sweet. i am moving to LA in january (burbank area) as my husband works in film. i'm nervous for a move to a big city! it's not necessarily my forte! where did you guys live? (please reply to: kyliefly@gmail.com)