rainy day news

Monday, October 3, 2011

Is anyone else as ecstatic as we are that all these lovely people are coming back for one more season? So stoked! The Bluths have shaped us in so many ways. Some of our favorites are herehere, here, here, here and here.

Today was very very dreary. I heard on the news that 21 of the past 31 days have been rainy. Did we move to the northwest?! What's the deal. So naturally we did what any awesome family would do when cooped up inside and we ventured out to Costco. I was astounded that they already had the Christmas stuff up! I got giddy as I took Ev down the decoration aisle. You should have seen her - she was stroking the sparkly ornaments! I'm so excited for our first little family Christmas. Jared scoped out the kid toy scene. The little tikes these days have the most insane and expensive toys. Seeing that Evelyn is overjoyed when we hand her a plastic cup to play with, our kids will be getting Dollar Tree plastic dolls and figurines for the first couple of Christmases.

And what trip to Costco is complete without a little something sweet? We usually get the chocolate ice cream bar rolled in almonds, but with the weather being so cold we went for the warmest baked item - a churro. Costco should vend Hot Chocolate or Cider during the winter months. I bet it would be super delicioso.


  1. Costco looks way more exciting in your pictures than it does in real life. Also, I hope you guys are going to be there for Christmas so that we can VISIT YOU!

  2. Costco is the best place for a rainy day. And a sunny day. And an anything day. =)