25 year storyboard

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yes Siree. I'm a quarter of a century today. As I thought about how I'm midway to 30 now, that creeped me out and made me feel really old. So I decided to think of myself as 25 years young and reflect on all that I've accomplished in my short life span thus far. It's quite remarkable actually. I'm not saying that I myself am remarkable, but that life is remarkable and time truly is a great gift. I am so humbled by the family I was raised in, the people I have met, the things I have learned, the places I have seen. This storyboard just illustrates the major chapters in my life, but it's in the nooks and crannies {all the stuff that "lives in my heart" you could say} where the good gems lie. Like playing Taco Bell in our backyard, family vacations, Dad making me special drink when I was sick, encouraging letters from a best friend, having a food fight in the parking lot in college, jogging in Hyde Park and having Jared come home late one night to open Ev's door and watch her sleep because he missed her. That's the good stuff.

Birthdays take on a whole new meaning now that I have actually given birth.
I am grateful for my parents today and for the life they gave me.
And to think my storyboard is just getting started! I hopefully have another 70 years left in me :)
Yay for 25 years!


  1. Happy birthday!!

    I wanted to be a veterinarian too!

  2. It's your birthday, shout Hoo-ray!! Love the story board! Looks like you've had an amazing 25 yrs. Best wishes for many more to come!

    I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your little family.

  3. Happy Birthday Kendra, glad life has been so good to you! Here's to many more :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Kendra! Looooooooove your blog!

  5. Happy birthday! We love you!

  6. Happy Birthday Ken, lots of love!

  7. Happy birthday! I LOVE the picture/story board you created, you're so cute :)
    ~Simi (giveaway on my blog!)

  8. um. so this is what happens when i get behind on my blog reading. i miss the fact that you had a birthday last friday and i didn't know! i feel like an idot for not wishing you happy birthday today, or at least getting you a cupcake! ugh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 isn't so bad! ;)

    and we loved seeing you guys today. so fun.

  9. What program didy ou use to make this adorable storyboard?? I love it!!