a wave and a fit

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trying to make a meal while your baby is asleep is like playing a game of "Operation" but much more intense. "Shoot, I need the largest pot to boil the chicken, but it's under the other 2 pots." Ever so quietly I slide the stack of 3 off the shelf, firmly grab the handle of the top two and lift, slide the large one out and carefully put the others back on the shelf. Opening up a nutrigrain wrapper? I head on back to our closet and rip that baby open.

Evelyn has been so incredibly loving toward us this week. Not by giving kisses or hugs, heavens no. She's not a cuddler. But I think she realized that we were soo tuckered out from sleeping training for 6 months {yes, 6 months!} that the past week she has given us 12 hours of sleep a night! 7pm-7am. Hallelujah! I hope it's here to stay. Here's what this big girl has been up to. 
She is so sweet in the first video. Second, eh, not so much. She definitely is capable of forming her own opinions on things. We've started signing with her this week in an attempt to limit this frustration on both ends. I feel kind of silly doing it for some reason.


  1. Those are way too sweet! what a beautiful little darling you are blessed with.
    I cannot wait to become a mother someday :)

  2. oh my gosh. eleanor does that same whine when we take the water glass away too! i'm looking forward to talking to you about signing this weekend. we just started too....


  3. I started signing with Beau around the same age. He totally got it! Keep at it! But we really only used 'more' consistently.

    And you need a little fan for white noise!! I have a little black one and we put it on low and it drowns out most things, plus it's great to have air circulation in their room too. No more opening wrappers in your closet ;)

  4. We actually just started signing with Eldon a week ago and he is already so much happier. He hated that his brother could talk and he can't. It's been amazing how much less he complains and he has already picked up like 5 or so words

    Kelly tanner

  5. She's so cute. Even when she's whining (at least to us outsiders).

    I started signing "more," "water," and "kitty" with Addison just last month. She has not yet signed them back to me, but I know that she does comprehend them. Her screaming when she wants "more" and "water" has died down a bit, so I'm chalking that one up as a success even if she never signs back. Good luck!