the culprit.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Me and Ev's relationship is on the rocks right now. If you asked her, she would say that it's because I don't hold her enough, I make her take tylenol, and apparently the 3 collective hours I spend rocking her between 11pm and 5 am isn't cutting it. If you asked me, I would say it's because she's driving me insane. No matter how much love I give this girl, she puts on a whiny drama show. I'm worn out. Luckily she has an alibi in the case.  See those two shiny pearls sticking out of her gums?  That would be the culprit behind all this madness. They're barely there in the bottom photo, but boy are they real and coming in with a vengence. I'd say 70% of our days this week have been spent in tears and whining. No one warned me how bad this teething thing is. It makes you want to jump off a cliff. Oh, and crawling. Curse crawling! I hold her more now than I ever have before because she is constantly at my feet and I can't do a thing without her barking up my leg. Sheesh. Months 7 & 8 have been doozies. Thankfully we both find our happy place during bath time.
{oh, and I still VERY MUCH love her. we're just going through a rough patch.}


  1. Teething sucks. Addi's bottom two weren't that bad, but the top two have turned my baby into a beast.

    At least Ev is still pretty. =)

  2. It only gets better with age so hang in there. Then after a while you forget those days and get pregnant again! Us Moms are crazy sometimes :)

  3. My little guy is 'almost' there with the teething. He's been drooling a lot for the past two months, but nothing yet. I'm totally dreading it, but I know it too shall pass.

    Enjoy those bath time moments together!

  4. Oh man, that's rough. Sometimes being a mom is not fun. But (at least with Olivia) everything seems to be at least moderately better and more tolerable if we go outside.

    Not that that's helpful at 3am...

  5. rough patches happen, good thing they forget about how crazy they make us and love us anyway! hahaha, i’ve come to love the nightime numbing gel and those little mesh things you can put food in for baby to chew on. i put ice cubes in there and that keeps blake quiet for a good 20 minutes! good luck.

  6. poor girl. she is aaaaaaaaadorable! and so is your blog I might add! I love the design and the photos!