Monday, October 17, 2011

I can't believe it is mid-October already. I definitely haven't eaten as many mellowcreme pumpkins as I should have by now for being so far in to the season.

Today was a good day. I felt super productive and organized. It's funny how now my idea of productive is as follows: Call insurance company, call again half hour later when they actually open, feed Ev solids, load laundry, vacuum, call mother-in-law, mall hunt for some solid knit tights for Ev, Target, fold laundry, pick Jared up from Metro, collect leaves from outside, read scriptures, make dinner, give baby bath and soak poopy clothes, put Ev to bed. Yeah, it takes 12 hours for me to do all that. And it's amazing how good I feel at night. The other week I posted on FB that I was a beast of a woman for carrying 5 bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs with a 17 lb baby strapped to my front. I feel unsinkable at times like that too. Aaannnddd when Jared thanks me for all I do when he's the one working a job and going to school. 

Sometimes I get caught up in thinking that what I'm doing day to day isn't significant. And I find myself wondering if we'll ever get that house, when we'll have 5 kids already and if I'll make it back to London. To all that fretful wondering, Billy Joel says this: "Vienna waits for you." The house will be ours soon enough, filled with bustling children that will most likely drive me crazy and we'll be booking our European vacation in no time. All those things can wait. The trick is "to enjoy the journey now." 

So can I really count those things above as accomplishments? You betcha. And there are no two people I would rather spend my time with than my smiley two teeth girl and her dashing daddy. We make a great trio.


  1. My hubby just got done with school a year ago so we are kindof in the same position. me staying at home with the babies and him going to school. as the babies get older and school is done it gets easier but life always throws you a curve ball. we were on top of the world and then our city flooded last summer (including our house). sorry im writing a book here. you have a cute blog!

  2. i love this post. savoring the moment. i'm telling myself that every day. it's hard since i love to get my travel on but, of course, that isn't so much in the cards at the moment. but vienna can wait... preach it!