Friday, September 30, 2011

Today I am swooning over ::
1. Chocolate Chip Cookies. I posted a couple of months ago that I couldn't bake Chocolate Chip Cookies for the life of me! I thought I was a failure. Turns out, it was my oven that was to blame and not my domesticity because our oven in our new place always bequeaths us with nice gooey and crisp morsels. I always feel fat after eating 5 but the next day I could eat double that after having put them in the freezer. Mentally, I feel like they're not as bad for you if they're cold. I tell myself that frozen fat isn't half as bad as rich warm fat.
2. That Pillow. Can you read it? "CRAP. I'm awesome." I need that.
3. How adorable is that foxy? I saw it on pinterest today and I just about died. That little critter would look so cuddly in Ev's arms. Ordering that pattern right away.
4. Our bed. Last night I told Jared that I like making our bed in the morning. It reminds me that someone shares the other half with me. And that's very special to be able to hold hands with someone while falling asleep.

***for the record, Voldemort has not been seen in 2 days. Ahhhh!


  1. I totally blame the west coast for my lame chocolate chip cookies. Because out here in Ohio I am a cookie baking pro.

    What? You want some gooey goodness? I can totally bring it. (Just not, apparently, on the western side of the US of A.)

  2. I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!! And I'm with you on the cold thing....I almost prefer them piping hot, or freezing cold, nothing in the middle! Cute blog!

  3. in response to your comment: Our doors are always open to our friends who pass our way!