Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have you noticed that most "cool" blogs have the following formula for a title: noun+and+unrelatednoun. Examples of this would be Cupcakes and Cashmere, Tatertots and Jello... uh, my mind is blanking at the moment but I know there are a billion more. Just a side thought that I think is funny. What two words would I pick to describe me?  Cheap and fun? No, that sounds a bit risque... anyway.

This Saturday morning it is dreary outside with a temperature of 58*. It's 11am and Ev and I are still in our pajamas [It was finally cold enough for me to justify putting her in cute thermal ones. hooray!]. She's still on the mend, can't you tell? Fever is gone but smiles are few and far between. Thank you all for your thoughts. Jared's at work today, so she and I are at home without a car. It's rather nice actually to be stranded. I have an excuse to do nothing.

So far I have used my time to plan meals for next week. Ever since moving here our grocery bill is far more than what our totals were in LA. And it's not because things are more expensive. They're actually cheaper. How goes the math on that? I've tried everything I can think of to reduce our bill. I make a list. I stick to the list. I plan out our meals ahead of time so I know what I'm making . We buy frozen and canned veggies now instead of fresh. I sometimes half our chicken breasts to make the meat go farther. I don't coupon. Mainly because I'm intimidated by it and from what I can see, we wouldn't buy any of those things advertised like puddings, cheetos and depends. Tofu seems like a cheap source of protein. So far with that we've made asian noodles and, believe it or not,...tofu tacos! That is what will happen with a person who has no idea what to do with tofu. Anyone have cheap recipes or grocery lowering tips?


  1. Look at that sweet face! What an adorable kid. :)

    As for making grocery bills cheaper, man, I have no great advice. And I feel exactly the same way about coupons. (Unless they're coupons for the store and not for a specific product.) Although lately we have teamed up with 3 other families and we've been doing "dinner group" on Mon-Thurs evenings so we each only have to cook once a week during the busiest days. I honestly can't say yet whether it's saved us money, but it sure has saved on sanity and dishwashing. And I definitely don't think it's cost us MORE than usual.

    Anyway, enjoy life in your PJs. :)

  2. I'm a coupon shopper! It is overwhelming at first, but coupon blogs have made it so easy! They do all the math for you, and some even share their dinner menu's they have made based on the sales/coupons for the week. I'm not an expert on the grocery end, but I can say that it has saved us SO much money on bathroom/cleaning supplies. I have a closet full of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I usually get the items for free or under $1. One of my favorite couponing blogs is check it out!