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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I haven't lived in a place with all 4 seasons since the college days, so I am anxious for the sound of crisp leaves and radiant red and orange hillsides. But mostly I'm so excited for the wardrobe change. What makes it even more exciting this year is that I get to double dip in the fall wear by not just [dream]shopping for me but for Ev too.

Isn't all that stuff GORGEOUS? Oh, be still my heart. I wish I could snatch all these beauties up.
All items from ZARA.

Last night I told Jared that all I wanted for my upcoming birthday is a gift card to Old Navy. Are any of you laughing at me like he did when I said that? Because I'm serious. Old Navy is where it's at. I know the rest of the world might be crazed about Target's Missoni, but do people not realize that everyone and their mom is going to be wearing the same shirt, dress, scarf, etc? I'm flying under the radar this fall fashion season and swiping up these bad boys:
Yes, yes. I've had my eye on these pieces for over a month now.
I hope this proves my point, JO. You can buy them all for your sweet wife, if you'd like. I promise I'll look good in them. And when I look good, it makes you look good. It's a win win :)

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  1. ha! i love you with the old navy thing! that stuff is pretty cute, too. haven't been there for a while so i'm surprised. i guess i was just so turned off by those HORRIFIC commercials they had last winter (remember?) that i get nervous thinking of old navy.

    and, as always.... be still my heart, zara.