sunday morning in this home..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

...went something like this. Evy Rae was up and at 'em at 6:12. She and I played until 7:45 when we jumped on the bed to wake dad up. We made scones from scratch and lathered on the jam, peanut butter, syrup and honey. As a family of three we laughed the morning away, mostly at the crazy long-legged girl who is furiously fast on her knees. We avoided getting dressed. Played some more. Ev and I took a drive around the neighborhood to admire the changing leaves [and to get her to fall asleep in her carseat...]. We went to church. We had a Sunday meal together. That was our day.

Last night at a world-wide conference held for all the women of my church, I learned some very valuable tools to help me find greater fulfillment in my role as a woman, wife and mother. Some simple yet valuable words of wisdom were relayed by President Uchtdorf when he said "find wonder and light in the smallest circumstances" and turn "the mundane into the majestic."

Right now the Oakden Family future is anything but certain and far from magnificent. And there is nothing extraordinary about what I do each day. I'm not busy scheduling marketing events for marathons, running a company website, managing inventory like I used to do. My life now is pretty mundane. But the flip side is that it simply is magnificent. So so so magnificent. And I do find it completely AWESOME that I get to witness someone exploring the world for the very first time and finding joy in something so simple as a waterbottle.


  1. i saw more of jared in evy than i remember seeing before, she sure has grown up lately. and that conference, wowzah!

  2. I can't believe how old she is! You are a great mom. Way to be.

  3. so excited over water! eleanor is the same way. she is so darn cute! i love that video. i need to record more little moments like that on film with my baby, because they really aren't mundane after all right? so majestic.