she could take the easy route...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

but nah, she likes a challenge. It doesn't matter where she wants to go or what she wants to get, she will always ALWAYS climb OVER me to get to it. Props to her. She could go around or in most cases take a direct shot, but mama didn't raise a fool - Ev works hard for her money {or toys}, so hard for it honey, so I better treat her right.

Um...husband was on the computer doing school stuff all day, so that left me with only one thing to do. Snap a gabillion photos of Evy Rae. So be prepared for picture overload. I know, how much more loaded can this blog get of the babe but trust me, I have to stop myself from posting 5 times a day. She turned 8 months yesterday. Now that she's mobile her personality is really coming to life. That girl is a crack up. Me and her daddy don't know how we got along without her.


  1. She's a determined little gal!

    How did you get your pics to do that or was that video?

  2. Why restrain yourself? I thought I was posting so much stuff about Olivia and now when I look back I realize it's just a teeny tiny fraction of who she is. Post 5 times a day, I say.

  3. Addi does the same exact thing. So funny. Just up for a challenge, I suppose?

  4. Olivia saw this and said, "Baby got it."

  5. hahahahaha! love that you caught this.

    and not to be creepy but you have really great ballerina arches in your feet. ;)