Friday, May 28, 2010

Today is my husband's birthday. #24.
Here are 24 reasons why I get a kick out of having him around.

Let's get the physical ones out of the way, shall we?
1. His smile. It's killer.
2. His wake up face. It is so pouty, its adorable!
3. He has a bubble bum, which looks incredible in slacks [ truth must be told!]
4. His broad shoulders. They are so masculine.
5. So he may have some chest hair, and I may be the biggest fan.
[now the stuff that really counts]
6. He appreciates my cooking.
7. He's a pretty organized guy, never leaves a mess behind.
8. Extremely dedicated hard worker.
9. He picks up on the little things, like my watch needing a new battery.
10. He'll watch The History Channel "The Presidents" with me.
11. He is always up for learning.
12. He's musically talented and is a fantastic bass.
13. Jared is a very patient man.
14. We share the same humor. Laughter is so important.
15. He served a mission faithfully.
16. I have a pretty great imagination. I mean GREAT. He never shuts me up when I babble on about our future kids, house, travel plans, etc.
17. Although I might hate it at times, he helps me monitor my sweets intake.
18. He takes out the trash without me having to ask.
19. He has ambition.
20. He's always down for an adventure.
21. He's frugal.
22. He doesn't play video games or watch sports.
23. He loves the gospel.
24. He's solely mine. We are sealed for time and all eternity.

President Hinckley said that marriage is "the stuff of which your dreams are made."
It truly is.
Happy 24th Birthday Jared Oakden, Sir!


  1. That picture makes my heart sing! So classic!

  2. Very cute post, Lindy and I watched you and Jared walking out of choir together and said, "Aren't they the cutest?" I love seeing people in love!

  3. I love the Pic! Happy birthday to JayRad!!