Shower Thoughts

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So what was the meaning of the title of the show "Family Matters"? Was it stating "hey, family does matter! It's important!" or was it family matters, as in family affairs or family business? One will never know...

So I'm sure that my past "shower thoughts" posts have revealed that I use my shower time to contemplate the rather nonsensical things in life. So, this is going to seem real dimwitty of me, but maybe there are others out there who are wondering this same thing and I can help shed some light on a new learned truth. Last Saturday morning I found my way into a parking garage where I parked on Level 6. The whole climb up I drove up on the right hand outer side of the structure. Cool. After a very successful shopping trip to Old Navy [?? I know, right? I never shop there but it so happens that they have the JCrew look that I'm trying to achieve this summer, but cheaper], I made my way back to Level 6 where I backed out and started down the parking garage. Then my mind triggered the thought - how does this parking structure even work? Seriously, during the descent, I was still on the right hand side on the outer structure of the garage. I kept looking down every aisle on every level, feeling like I was going down the same way that I had come up until I magically made it out. When I got home I even asked Jared if he knew the secrets of the parking structure. We discussed the mechanics of the garage, but I think he ended up dismissing my genuine intrigue. So since I am a visual person, wisdom-seeker and problem solver, I decided to get to the bottom of this and drew a diagram:
Yes, I drew this. All 6 levels. I drew dashes up to Level 6 and marked my "parking spot". Then I backed myself out with that darker black arrow. And I was enlightened. I realized that it was possible to both ascend and descend the garage on the outer arena without ever once running in to the opposite direction. I guess the up and down lanes are just built on top of one another. Duh! And that slight slant on each level connects the up and down passage ways so that you can exit at any level. I'm so smart! [Don't ever let me design anything for you] Surely, I can't be the first person to contemplate this phenomenon!

Most people use blogs to narrate their family stories and updates, or to inspire people with creative cooking recipes and crafts, or my favorite - fashion. I use our blog [I say our, but it is really mine. I just feel like adding Jared's name into the mix makes the blog seem more purposeful] to.. to.. I don't know really. I guess I use it to record the minor details, the things that get looked over. Like the importance of parking infrastructure. Or that time when I ran over an old man with a bicycle. Or our family videos.

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