LOST, you've bamboozled me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, it's 3 days after the finale and I am still up in arms about the LOST series finale. I feel cheated. If you so happened to find joy in the ending, that's great. All LOST goes to heaven - who can't like that? I'll tell you what not to like:

1. Why was Sayid's true love Shannon? Clearly Nadia was his one and only.

2. What was up with the Dharma Initiative - those people were sooo interesting! Seriously, I wanted to know more about all of that stuff, all their stations, experiments. Remember how Juliet was brought into the DHARMA to study why women couldn't conceive on the island and why women would die during childbirth? Where's that answer? That was a major part of Clare giving birth on the island and Sun's pregnancy - totally major in all other seasons yet didnt weigh into the finale at all.

3. How were the Dharma even allowed to make camp on the island? It seems like the man in black killed everyone that came to the island, so why would he allow a whole colony to live there and get close to the island's power source?

4. What was up with the temple people? Jacob had a colony inside the temple walls? what for? Isn't that what the OTHERS are for? Seems like Richard didnt know/associate much with temple people for being Jacob's second hand man.

5. Whidmore was taken down pretty easy. That wasn't much of a fight. Lame. What was the point of Whidmore in the end? Nothing.

6. Did Richard do anything to save the island in the end? No. Did he ever know anything about the island? No. What a great advisor.

7. So Jacob lived in a cave on the island, also had a lighthouse and lived in the shoe of an egyptian looking fox thing? Where did that statue come from and why did Jacob have so many places of residence?

8. Why was Desmond so special? What was Charles Whidmore planning on doing with him? Putting him down into the light too? How did Charles know about Desmond's ability and

9. Why does Walt appear on the island sometimes, as well as the younger Jacob?

10. The younger Jacob appears to Hurley, and takes Ilana's ashes and then Hurley finds grown Jacob by a fire... So Jacob still lives on through fire??? If he lives until that fire dies out, who built that fire in the first place?

11. How convenient that Rose and Bernard come back this season to let Desmond out.

12. In the sideways, were Juliet and Jack married? Jack referred to her as his son's Mom and Juliet said in all the years we've been married, you never told me about your sister, Claire? Huh??

I cant even comprehend the ending scene, with them all being in "pergatory" or whatever.

I have an infinite amount of questions. Sometimes its ok to have questions still lingering to keep your mind open and perpetuate thought, but this is not the case here. Clearly the directors cornered themselves. I just feel completely cheated. LOST, I will now silence my disappointment and will move forward remembering all our good times Seasons 1-5 ONLY. Also, the fact that I met Desmond 2 nights ago at the gym. Yes, I did a double take, stopped immediately on the stair master, followed him to the boxing room, where I told him that I enjoyed the Finale, EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT. I only lied because it was Desmond. He is quite ravishing with that Scottish accent and all.


  1. Whoa you saw Desmond?? That's crazy! So yes I agree there are a ton of unanswered questions...but that's part of the reason I love it! Its so postmodern! Seriously how annoying and boring would it be if they meticulously laid out every single answer? But in response to your first question....Nadia must not have been his true love because in that alternate reality thing it sounds like he was the one who pushed his own brother on to Nadia!

  2. Oh my God I was so angry after LOST ended. It drove me mad...all those unanswered questions. I'm still learning to heal from the trauma!