Like Mother, Like Daughter

Friday, May 7, 2010

In high school I denied any notion that I was like my mother. In fact, I wrote a little book/diary that I entitled “All I need to know about parenting I learned when I was younger.” I wrote down all the good and bad that I saw in my parents, mostly in an effort to convince myself that I was wiser in my teenage years than they were was parents [scoff!]. In college I gained a greater appreciation for my mother, but still kept my distance from the thought that she and I could have similarities. Married life has COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED all previous efforts to disjoint myself from my mother. I now embrace the fact that I am destined to be like her. It’s rather odd the things that I have carried with me from mom:

1. I do not run the disposal with hot water because you told me it damages the rotary.

2. The first big purchase Jared and I made was for a sewing machine, so that I could emulate all the customized pillows and drapes that you so conveniently manufactured growing up.

3. I too have a binder for all my “how to’s” and dream projects.

4. I never iron my clothes after they come out of the wash.

5. I have treasured “THE BIG COOKIE” recipe and make it my trademark wherever I go.

6. I favor white dinner plates and bowls over multi-colored. White is classy.

7. I thought your favorite color was despicable when I was a child – who’s favorite color is black?! I, too, am now a fan of the dark side, mostly because wearing black makes me look skinny.

8. My greatest request on our wedding registry was a Kitchen-aid. Jared thought that was absurd because he never grew up with a mixer and I was requesting the top of the line. I learn from the best!

9. I know what a lemon meringue pie is and how to peak the frosting.

10. I know that I should always sift the flour [even though I don’t] and pack the brown sugar.

11. I use lotion to take off my eye make-up, not make-up remover. Jared thinks that’s crazy.

12. I never buy shaving cream because I was taught that soap does the job just as well.

13. I LOVE BALSALMIC VINEGAR. I used to think you were crazy for having a salad for lunch everyday drenched in the bitter dressing and pouring white vinegar in your water. Now I can’t wait for lunch time so I can sit at my desk and indulge in the tingling vinaigrette and work up a sweat. Why does balsamic vinegar make you sweat, by the way?

14. I love teaching.

15. I love this country.

16. I have a soft spot for Roger and Hammerstein movies. I loved when the movie catalog would come in the mail and you would let us pick a VHS to buy every so often.

17. I always serve dinner on placemats or a tablecloth, with napkins on the table, the knife and spoon on the right and fork on the left.

18. I wash our stainless steel pots and pans with Barkeepers Friend.

19. Our liquid dish soap is kept on the counter in wine bottle.

20. I now know why you savor your Michaels and JoAnn’s 40% coupons.

21. I live for basking in the sun’s rays [although probably still not as much as you]

While there are many more to name, I am glad that in these small ways I am like you. Thank you Mother!

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. keni I love it and I love you and your mother. you are both seriously shining examples in my life. I want to be you when I grow up! hope all is well...