Alot of this happened this past weekend

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where most people fear the damage of the sun's rays and frantically re-apply sunscreen every 30 minutes, I lather myself up with pure baby oil and enjoy my sun-kissed skin.

Much happened over this great memorial weekend, but let's keep it brief

partied hardy on Friday for JO's 24th!
gourmet hamburgers at THE COUNTER
redboxed New Moon
beach action
hamburger bbq with family
reboxed Monsters vs Aliens
made German Chocolate Cake
ate German Chocolate Cake
watched EXPELLED with friends
Hollywood with sister and bro-in-law
beach action
Abbot's pizza
mariachi band for friend's going away party
GRE study time

Also, Jared and I are at a loss of what to do on Thursday nights, now that Community, The Office and 30 ROCK have ended their seasons.


  1. Community, and 30 Rock always made my day on Thursdays! Too bad they're on break now. I will have to console myself with re-runs.

  2. oh my gosh KENDRA we need to have a serious sit down about skin cancer. i am doing my internship at the huntsman cancer institute and WE NEED TO TALK.