Food Dreams

Friday, June 18, 2010

Next weekend Jared and I will be traveling back to Clovis for a home visit. We haven't been back since February. And I'm fine with that. But strangely enough, I am rather excited to go back. To see family of course, but mostly for the food. Yes, food. Although living in LA has its advantages, I personally dont think restaurants are one of them, from a poor on-a-budget married couple standpoint. I hate that a majority of restaurants are $10-$20 a plate, you have to pay for parking, you have to travel 20+ minutes in traffic to get there, they're crowded scary beyond all reason and I just dont find all of that worth it for going out. That's why we frequent the taco shops. Way more of a killer deal. So yes, I am excited to go to Fresno for the dining. I'm soo excited for John's Incredible Pizza. They have the most CREAMY macaroni n cheese, which is something I have been craving like crazy. Jared must be getting tired of me counting down the days for my macaroni and cheese. I also informed my father that he will be cooking his rubbed ribs with grilled corn and my mother make her ice cream jelly roll. And I guess Judy's donuts was on my mind when I went to bed last night. Mmm.. A maple glazed bar followed by a delicious bite out of a strawberry sprinkle frosted donut. I dreamed that Jared let me go to a donut shop and I could pick out not just one, but 2 donuts. Seriously, I have never had a dream so vivid and taste-buddy [?]. I woke up thinking I just ate a donut. Like, I could taste it in my mouth and I woke up satisfied and thought yes, that was all I needed. But that dream has since worn off and I think I will be visiting Judy's next weekend. Ok, enough about my food confessions, I just get really excited about food, and FRESNO food at that.

We've kinda had a lazy past couple of weekends, but still enjoyable. June gloom has set in, which has interrupted my Saturday tanning sessions [ggrrr!] Last Friday night we went with our friends Steffany, Joe and their cute baby Maggie to the Dodger vs Angels game. I hope my baby is as well behaved as Maggie, she didnt make a peep once! The final score was a sore sight. I think Dodgers lost 1 to 10. Regardless, it was fun to be out with friends and eat a Dodger dog.
[disclaimer: My face isn't really that white. Flash?]


  1. I like the food descriptions. Making me hungry! How did you get that "what we do" gadget on your blog?

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  3. so i somehow deleted my comment. well, i found your blog! i love the layout and i'm glad to see a girl with a sense of humor blogging. sometimes i find blogs to be so boring, but yours is great. i checked out that video you guys made. it was awesome. i love that jared goes along with everything.