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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Up until yesterday, there were three times daily where I wanted to poke my eyeballs out from pure frustration. I would seriously wake up in the mornings dreading breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And it all had to do with that happy kid up there. Good grief, for the past two months I have spent so many waking hours fretting and prepping foods that this kid will eat. Prior to yesterday, I would have welcomed anyone over to my house at 6 o'clock, and guaranteed a performance of Jared doing some sort of rendition of all the Bluth family's chicken dances at the dinner table. These extreme measures had become part of our dinner routine as a way to get Warner cracking a smile wide enough to slip a spoon of food in his mouth and distracted so that he didn't realize what he was eating. Every meal has been a circus show - full of snapping, clapping, whistling, and other noises I didn't know my mouth could make, electrical and light displays - just to get Warner to eat. And it has been exhausting, to say the least. I am embarrassed to admit that I would go to bed at night, slightly dreading how I was going to get him to eat the next day.

But then, on the magical day of Wednesday, August 28th, he decided to be my knight in shining armor and took to table food, no questions asked! Today he ate a whole half of a grilled cheese! I know, this sounds like such a small thing to throw my hands in the air and hooplah about, but for real, I AM SO RELIEVED. It was a joke how much time I was spending (not to mention money wasting) on trying all kinds of new foods for this kid, steaming and pureeing, mixing different concotions, yada Yada, pulling my hair out in between, even crying and sulking. I seriously didn't have time to cater to him, but I made the time, and the minute I relaxed and thought whatevs kid, eat what yo want, he totally did. And we're both happy campers. And apparently we both will do anything for a grilled cheese. Hallelujah!


  1. Oh boy! Sometimes with this new baby of mine, I have moments where I think, "I can't believe that I have to do x again with rose." This is one of these moments. Hopefully she's a happy eater!

  2. Baby Led Weaning is the way to go!! Second babies are notorious for wanting to feed themselves. Plus, finger foods are so much easier to prepare!

  3. ugh, sounds like nolan. he won't eat more than half the things i feed him. it normally ends up with him throwing it on the ground for our english bully to devour. it drives me nuts! i feel terrible always wondering if he's a cryer because he's starving, but the kid won't eat! the only thing i know he will pick off his plate and actually eat is mac & cheese or spaghetti, which is fine, but not all the time. i feel your pain mama, but i'm so glad he ate. it's SUCH a relief!

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  4. Precious as ever, love,

    Shauna xo