Friday, August 16, 2013

This past week has been quite an anomaly in comparison to what Northern Virginia summer's should be like. We've been enjoying highs in the upper 70's, low humidity, and a much appreciated reduction in mosquito bites. Yesterday we gathered with friends on the bank of the Potomac, threw out our blankets, ate some lunch, played tag, and the kids bartered with each other in snack exchanges. The great thing about this park we went to is that it is an empty lot right next to the airport, so a plane takes off every couple of minutes. Evelyn was a bit rattled by it at first (quite literally. I could feel the noise of the engine roar from over head vibrating in my chest), but Warner was entranced. I also need to add a stomp rocket to Evelyn's Christmas list. She loved it! She looked so cute and all little school girl-ish with her skirt and tennies jumping on the thing!

Also, it's hard to tell in these photos because her hair is still so sparse, but Evelyn is sporting pigtails! She made her debut on instagram the other night, so yesterday was our first outing where we put those piggies to the test!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! :) love her pigtails. Her hair is so blonde, love it!

  2. that first picture with the glasses! pure joy!

    jenna @ mama daze blog

  3. she looks adorable! I'm such a sucker for little girls in pigtails!

  4. Adorable photos! Love the pigtails!

    So jealous of your weather!

  5. Excited to be a new reader here! Precious, precious family!