a quick jot about nursing Warner

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The other night I came out of our room after having put Warner to bed and I told Jared about this little game that Warner and I have going on. When Warner is nursing, he is very touchy. He always has to have a blankie to stroke, or clench his fist on my shirt. He just has to always be touching something. Recently, he's been grabbing at my face and pulling my hair. Well that night he looked up at me and squeezed my nose. Naturally the only thing to do when someone squeezes your nose is to honk, right? So I did. And that opened the flood gates to a giggling fest! I even had to take a video because it was that good of a party. Jared thought that was weird and creepy, taping a giggly exposed nursing session. I believe it probably is, but what other option do you have when an adorable 4 toothed baby is beaming and smiling and laughing at you and thinks you are the world's greatest? Videoing it is the only option, let me tell you!

The point of all of that was to say that I love nursing Warner. I love the experience that only he and I share and how bonded I feel. He has always taken to me so well. Evelyn didn't nurse this long by her choice, which was fine and easier at times, but breastfeeding Warner for the past 11 months has really provided a strong base for our life-long relationship. It's so odd to say that by breastfeeding we have grown to trust one another, but we have. We feel confident and secure with one another. We have a time set aside for just our relationship to flourish. Everything seem peaceful and simple. And I can't help but feel proud that I'm the one that grew him inside me and now I'm sustaining him in the flesh, too. Everytime I kiss those heavenly cheeks, jiggle that squishy bum, tickle those feet, or blow raspberries on his tummy I can't help but think that all this chubby baby goodness is my doing. BEST CREATION EVER!!!

Now check out those four teeth!


  1. SO cute!! i love the little nursing habits they pick up =)

  2. this post is so sweet kendra! i wish i could have breastfed longer than i did with nolan. long story short, he was covered in a full body rash from a week old till the day i stopped bfeeding at 4 1/2 months. we later found out he was allergic to my hormones :(

    that little face is so precious! aren't they so cute and goofy with their teeth and smiles? i love it!


  3. this post is the sweetest. it's such a special time breastfeeding, i miss it so. though i don't miss the leaking and accidentally exposing myself at times when out ha ha.
    enjoy this stage while it lasts and store up lots of little video's for yourself, i don't think it weird in the slightest. which in turn i hope that doesn't make me weird ;)


  4. The sweetest post! I cant believe hes going to be one next month?! but its so sweet just the two of you have this little bonding time.

  5. It is not weird in the slightest! I have tonnes of photos and videos of me nursing all my babies. Most taken by Todd. They are for us to cherish. And I'm dang proud of nursing my babies. It's wonderful!

  6. love this post and these pictures!!!