the fair

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's summer without a good country fair? Saturday we decided to take our chances with this weather that has been so finicky, and hauled our cute bums to the 4-H fair at the quaintest little farm. We've been to the farm on prior occasions, since it is always operational, but the barns were FULLY stocked with all kinds of loud and wooly livestock that had the kids mesmerized. I think the sheep sheering was a bit disturbing for Ev, but she hasn't stopped talking about the girl who was brushing a horse's mane. That was money in her book, who would've guessed?! 

In conjunction with the farm was a carnival perfect in size for us to seize. I had no idea that once we crossed the parameter in to the mayhem of cotton candy, clowns, oversized balloons, and screeching colorful metal every which way, that we were going to make some pretty darn good memories at the small cost of $6 in tickets. We surveyed the rides and found a few that Evelyn could do. Jared and I were kinda unsure about how she would react, and part of me thought we would be sending her off for the longest minute of our lives as she would be screaming and crying and potentially injuring herself upon trying to exit prematurely and we would have a carnival catastrophe equal to the horrific circus nightmare that is Dumbo on our hands. Her first ride was "Willie the Whale," and I don't know who had a greater time - Evelyn or us as parents watching her. She LOVED IT!! 

And Mr. Warner Boy, as always, was a trooper. He was just happy to be there :)


  1. This looks like the most magical fair! How beautiful.

  2. what great pictures! we went to our fair as well--but I struggled with picture taking, something about having a 19 month old who wanted to be held and then down and then held again--kind of limited my picture production!

  3. great photos! looks like an amazing time!

  4. Oh my gosh. Darling! It looks like you had so much fun, and she obviously loved the ride. What fun!

  5. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I love the heart to heart photograph about being brave! :)

  6. Ooh looks so so fun!! I just went through the same emotional battle sending my little boy on his first roller coaster actually. I think it was more of an emotional wreck for me than him! He loved it!! Anyway, you guys are adorable!!

    Just Dawnelle

    1. Glad you had a positive rollercoaster experience, too :)

  7. Such a cute little slide show!! And the family picture obviously!

  8. Looks like yall had a wonderful time, I love how colorful everything was!!!

  9. Going to the fair was one of my favorite childhood memories. I can't wait until our daughter gets a little older so we can let her experience this too. Love the photos..the heart to heart and riding in the swing especially :)