Virginia is for lovers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Twenty-four hours ago I was standing on the top of a beautiful ridge just outside the Shenandoah Valley, overlooking luscious green rolling hills, sprinkled with white silos,  and echoing with crickets and the moos of cattle. The air was crisp, the sky a light gray while stroked with shades of thunderous clouds. At my feet was Warner, picking at the reeds of grass while Jared and Evelyn stood on a boulder surveying our surroundings. I leaned against our car, gazing at my beautiful little family in the most picturesque scenery and it just hit home to me that golly, this life is amazing! I called out to Jared "i'm so happy I could cry!" It was good to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend time in the quiet serenity of nature. This earth sure is magnificent.

We drove up to Hartland Orchard yesterday morning to pick some apples. The trees and apples were stunning and in perfect form. The kids both had a great time running/crawling through the rows and rows of crooked trees, reaching up through fruit-bearing limbs, and tugging down apples. Two stray chickens were out about in the fields, which was a delightful surprise for the kids as they tried to lure it in with an apple peace offering, but with no success.

Virginia really is the state for lovers. Glad my lover is so handsome, goes along with my desire to meander in the Appalachians, makes my babies giggle, and can give a stellar kiss  ;)

you can see last year's apple picking here. I can't believe Warner was just 3 weeks old when we went! time is flying. He turns one next Thursday :/


  1. I have been to Virginia numerous times over the years, but never liked it until this last visit. The Shenandoah river valley has me hooked.

  2. we're headed to virginia on friday for a long weekend! well, really, it's for a job interview but i like to pretend it's a mini vacation ;)

  3. ooh how fabulous!! What a gorgeous part of the country... ps... love the way you painted that picture for us! Seriously, makes me want to take a trip to Virgina just to go apple picking!

  4. I love these pictures. So beautiful! Your family is so cute. Lucky lady :)

  5. We JUST went apple picking as well. Seriously my favorite thing ever- a photographers dreamland. lol. but your pictures are gorgeous! Makes me want to go again.


  6. I seriously can not believe its almost been a year since you've had him that's crazy!!! I'm hoping to find some were here in the south to go apple picking.

  7. what precious photos! your blog is fabulous!