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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I feel like since we're in a new year, posting about Christmas of 2012 is soooo last year. Which it is...but as I was going through my photos of the 5 jubilant days we spent back with family, I realized I didn't give them enough representation. Or maybe they told me they wanted to see more representation ;) Although we are miles, thousands even, away from our family, Evelyn and Warner are so blessed to gave Papa's and Grammy's, Aunts and Uncles who skype with them several times a week. It softens the blow of being so far away. Gotta love technology. However, both kids appreciated being cuddled and doted on all week. And I know we already have some grandparents itching for them to return and the feelings are reciprocated on our end:)
Some momentous events that happened. Evelyn fell on Christmas Eve and sliced her right eyelid open, hence her looking all puffy in the Christmas photos. Luckily it wasn't any worse - scary! Jared gave Warner his baby blessing, which was lovely to have family around for. Grandpa Hammer got to take Evelyn to the fish hatchery, which is one of his favorite pastimes. He sent me a picture the other day of some kid waders, so I guess Evelyn better start practicing casting a line because Grandpa is excited to get her fishing!

Oh, one last thing. I debated on sharing this or not, but then realized, hey what do I have to lose? Ever since I was about 8 years old, I've led my siblings in directing and producing a christmas video. The plot is always varying. One Santa got arrested, another the sleigh broke, another the sleigh was too small - you get the picture. Well, I'm 26 years old and we still collaborated together this Christmas to do a Christmas video. In lieu of a skit this year, we all got in touch with our inner gangsta and did a rap. Oh, and how gangsta we were. Ev was the highest roller of us all. You'll see what I mean ;) If you want to watch the ridiculous video, click here. Cheers to family!

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  1. 1. This video still cracks me up.
    2. How did I only make it into one picture??
    3. The pic of Boo with Ev on the couch... I literally thought that was me. Maybe we all look more alike than I thought...

  2. Of course I had to click on the video :-) Y'all are so gansta. Every last one of you :-) the dancing around the mini car might just be my favorite part.

    Glad Evelyn is ok. Those falls can be pretty scary!!

  3. What a sweet holiday with your family. :)

  4. You and your family are absolutely hilarious!!!! The video was awesome, yall cracked me up!!!

  5. I wish we had a crazy tradition like that! Gotta remember this for next year.

  6. I watched the video....HILARIOUS!!
    I have a question, what does linking up mean at the bottom? Thanks! =)

  7. These were definitely worth sharing! Love all of these beautiful pictures! Happy holidays! And here's to 2013 and all it has to offer :)
    xo TJ

  8. Okay, Um, where in the world do I start...I have tears rolling down my face, I'm cracking up over the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rap of course. Kendra, you are killing me!!!!!!! Hilarious I tell you!!!! But, I also loved just hearing your voice and seeing you for real!!! Live!! I love your family get togethers. It just seemed so great. I am beyond delighted for you that you got to come back to California to spend Christmas.

    I can't wait to see how you've done up the new place, congrats on that new blessing. And thank the heavens above that your husband is done with school.

    I loved catching up. I love your blog, you are one funny girl Kendra. I'm dying...still. Love to you,

    Shauna xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Such cute pictures!
    I hope her eye healed well. Poor girl!