over the long weekend...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'll tell ya, folks. Humidity is evil. It can squelch your energy within seconds of walking out that door and put you in a heat coma. But anyway, besides being sticky icky, this weekend was super grand and very much needed. We didn't make any plans to leave town because a) everyone and their grandma was planning on doing the same and b) we just wanted to relax. Saturday we hit up Costco. The best/worst time to go is on a holiday weekend. If you're planning on buying stuff it's probably a bad time to go because the lines are horrendous. If you plan on just mooching off their samples galore then a holiday weekend is the best time to go because they bring out the fancy spreads like key lime pie and 5 types of burger patties.

I think the best part about this weekend is that I was camera free. Well, obviously not totally as the above testifies, but I didn't take one picture with my slr. Rather than being strapped down on getting the right photo, I just snapped a few with my phone and called it good. It was nice.

Two things. Memorial Day was Jared's birthday. We're both entering the otherside of the twenties this year. 26 is just too dang close to 30! When we were in the car I asked him "Do you remember what happened 10 years ago on your birthday?" He replied, "I told you I first loved you." Darn right, his little 16 year old self did!  I love you too, dear. Happy Birthday!

Lastly, how big is Evy Rae?! The girl is rockin' at life. She's going down slides by herself, climbing in her highchair, growing hair like a weed {although you can't see it because it's so blonde!}, a little fish in the water, and is getting more spunky everyday.


  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend ! Evelyn looks like she is having a blast ! Happy Bday to your hubby~=!

  2. Oh, I do see the hair in the last photo of her with Jared. Told ya it would come. ;-)

  3. looks like a beautiful weekend! i think i am going to be putting the camera down more to soak in the moment. they just pass by too fast!

    xo, amanda

  4. i love this collage that you made. it's darling! looks like you had a fabulous weekend. Your family is adorable. xoxo

  5. I love it!!!!!! You are all so young. But time does move on for sure. Glad you didn't have your camera attached to you the whole time, I can relate to that. Looking forward to more posts! Take care,


  6. love the pic's! what a fun weekend... lots of sunshine and summer fun :D
    p.s. i entered the "30's" in April and so far so good!!!
    happy wednesday,
    p.s. sent you an email!

  7. i love the way you set up this photo collage. so absolutely adorable!!
    and it's true! i know the mister likes when i'm camera free. still working on that one ;)
    xo TJ

  8. What a fun weekend! It looks like you guys had a blast!

  9. Ok that picture of Ev with the red ball... seriously cute. I mean, all the pictures of her are cute, but I love that one. Big girl.

  10. Every since I got my iphone, it's so much easy to forget I have a slr camera too!

    Who doesn't love costco samples?! I've been suckered into buying so many things that way!

  11. Memorial Day was my birthday too! Its so fun to celebrate it then because everyone is off work and the pools are open!

  12. she's so stinkin' cute! love it! and I love that you guys were able to have a low-key Memorial Day Weekend...sometimes that's just what the dr. ordered!