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Friday, May 11, 2012

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This week:
+ husband FINALLY got a haircut! He looks so dashing with shorter locks
+ the doc freaked me out a bit my telling me I have low amniotic fluid and scheduled me for another ultrasound in a month. A MONTH! That's a long time to keep a pregnant lady waiting. In the mean time I have to drink gallons of water and decrease my activity. Yeah, that's easy to do with a 15 month old...
+ I finished a book and just picked up The Hunger Games and Room to read. Which to start first? Do I even want to get into the whole Hunger Games thing?
+ Wednesday night I went out with the girls. 10 of us ladies crowded into Serendipity in Georgetown and just bought desserts - fried oreos, carrot cake, and mostly lots of their infamous frozen hot chocolate. It was a grand evening.

Winner of last week's giveaway announced here.
Happy Friday!!


  1. YESSS Get into the Hunger Games! It's so great!
    I'm sorry about your amniotic fluid thing..that happend to me too, but everything turned out fine.
    P.s. You watch the new girl? Best show ever.

  2. A month??? Well, hopefully that means they aren't too worried about it. Oh and your little darlings heart sunglasses are too precious. I'm your newest instagram buddy =)

    - Sarah

  3. frozen hot chocolate? sounds heavenly!

  4. I spy New Girl, so good, right?

  5. those sunnies! gah! she's so adorable. i'm on book three in the hunger games trilogy. so so good. enjoy!

  6. your little babe is so adorable! Those sunglasses are precious. and that mixture of cookies + the new girl looks like absolute heaven!!


  7. I've been waiting for a time when I can afford to get super distracted by the Hunger Games, because I KNOW I won't want to put them down.

  8. I feel ya on the low amnio. I had the same thing. Luckily I had an amazing dr and we got our little guy here safe and sound. Medical advancements are awesome. Hope all goes well.

  9. PS: I'm following nowyou on instagram!!!

  10. frozen hot chocolate sounds like a piece of heaven haha

    Evelyn is such a beautiful little lady!

  11. LOVED the Hunger Games!

    & I love that first picture of Evelyn, she looks so big!

  12. Praying for you! How scary but I am sure you are fine otherwise the Dr wouldn't wait so long to see you. I hated when hey would tell me something that could be potentially scary and then say "oh I'll see you in a few weeks". But it looks like you are taking good care of yourself :-)

    I've been wanting to try Serendipity for so long! Once I get the clear that my ulcer is healed then I am so going to Georgetown to try it out :-)

    Haven't read the Hunger Games yet. I picked up the Red Tent again (thrifted it before our beach vacay) and Confessions by St Augustine. I am going to stop by my fav thrift store when we finally go home and pick up some more summer reading :-)

    Love how Evelyn keeps her bows in her hair :-)
    Is that fairfax center? They have fountains there but I think they were out of order (broken and waiting for a part) right before we left for vacation. I can't wait to take Judah there this summer when it gets hot out :-)