It's humid out here!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No we do not have our stuff yet and so yes that means I'm blogging on my phone. Blogging? Don't I have something better to do? Well when your body is still 3 hours behind the current time, you've talked all day to your husband and struggled to get your baby down for a nap, have no belongings, no cleaning or cooking to do, and your emotions are running high, mobile blogging sounds pretty good. I keep my personal journal on my computer and since I don't have that this is the best way to remember one of the biggest transitions of my life. So here our adventure begins... We made it! Our little Ev was a trooper on our excursion East by being all smiles on our flight from Fresno to LAX, getting her wiggles out on our 2 hr layover, sleeping the first 2 hrs on our 5 hr flight and entertaining passengers the last leg. We arrived at 11:30pm EST, took a taxi to meet the driver of our car and headed over around 1:30am to our new place. I must say that our first thought the next morning was "Toto, we're not in California any more." Everything is so different here. So so different. It's definitely going to take some getting used to, but atleast we already paid visits to Costco, Target and Trader Joes. That made us feel better. We drove by Jared's school, GMU, and that was cool. Basically we were freaking out all day, mostly about all the dang trees. And at night we laid in bed freaking out that we actually went through with this. That was Tuesday. This morning we woke up feeling much more inclined to embrace being Virginians. We bought a kitchen table, visited Target yet again, visited the Sully Plantation and most excitingly we visited the Air & Space Museum out in Chantilly. Remember the one in Transformers 2? That one. Today we learned to appreciate the trees. They are pretty, even if they are more wild than contained palm trees. We learned that highways have both numbers and names assigned to them and we'll have to learn that. We learned that summer rain storms are quite refreshing and that the sound of bugs chirping does not stop day or night but I find it rather soothing in a way - It's so summer-ish. We learned that magic erasers are the best for getting out marker stains on furniture purchased on Craigslist. But most importantly, we learned that no matter where we go or what happens, that our little family is golden. I love my family's guts, especially this one who just learned how to sit up 2 days ago. Yeah, family is the shizzle.


  1. Way to be awesome. All of you. You too, Virginia.

  2. Kendra, that's so cool that you guys are in Virginia now! And it sounds like you guys live really close to Bryan's parents! Next time we visit we will definitely have to hook up with you guys. That would be super fun. Enjoy settling in! Well, ya know, when your stuff arrives. :)