6 months + Fashion Feature

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Before Ev was born, my wonderful friend Rachel gave me a Dr. Seuss book entitled "Oh baby, the places you'll go!" This is the one book that was read to Ev while in the womb, and Jared was the one to read it to her, actually. We were busy moving, traveling and enjoying our new city all during her 6th month and I never got a chance to do a "happy half-way" mark photoshoot. Instead, here's a montage of all the things she did in her 6th month. It just reminds me of that book, because she has already seen so many places coast to coast in her short little life.
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My fabulous friends Monica and Whitney host a site that gives a different spin to the term "fashion blog." You can submit a fashion question and have lovely ladies from all over give you their input! This is perfect for us who have husbands that have their heads down when they tell you you look good.
My inquiry is featured today. Check it out!


  1. ohhhhhh! The swimming just makes my little heart happy.

  2. Ken this was incredible. I sure love her- you are so lucky to have such a sweet and happy baby! So happy for you guys!

  3. Ok your blog is super cute, I'm loving it!